The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Kindle Edition] £0.00 (free) @ Amazon
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Kindle Edition] £0.00 (free) @ Amazon

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Kindle Edition] £0.00 (free) @ Amazon

Free, cant be bad!


:Dloads of free books on amazon site.

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True, thought this was the best of the bunch

Thanks, just grabbed it for my iPad

Is it not possible to download this item for both the Kindle for PC, and Kindle for Android?

I'm getting: "Our records show that you already purchased The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on October 04, 2010."

So now it's 'locked' to the PC version?

This is one of the resons why I absolutely HATE companies that DRM their material. How can they expect to compete against physical copies when they do this nonsense. There doesn't seem to be any way to transfer these files to my Android device, unless I of course create a 2nd Amazon account, purely for my Android device. Not bad if the item is free like this, but what happens when I want something that starts to cost money? I can't afford to buy every item twice.

Shocking tactics from Amazon... but it doesn't surprise me in the least.

Following on from the above comment I made, I managed to find a way to transfer this to my Android in the settings on the Amazon website. Why this isn't enabled by default I have no idea. I was under the impression it was linked via the individual account. So when I tried syncing the Android device initially, it was telling me there was nothing to read - it **** me off.

However, to change these settings everytime I purchase a book, even if it's free is pretty bad commerce. It should have been enabled by default to begin with.
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