The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.1 (12 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 / The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.2 (9 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon
The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.1 (12 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 / The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.2 (9 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.1 (12 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 / The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.2 (9 Disc DVD Box Set) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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DVD sets dont come more generous or well-intended than The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume One. George Lucas 1990s television series, inspired by his feature film collaborations with Steven Spielberg and actor Harrison Ford, used a childhood version of Jones as a catalyst for involving young viewers in the dynamics of 20th century history and thought. As much a scamp as Fords swaggering hero-with-a-bullwhip, little Henry "Indy" Jones (Corey Carrier) gets into a great deal of mischief in his travels around the world with his disciplined father, Professor Henry Jones, Sr. (Lloyd Owen, doing a credible version of Sean Connerys voice from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Also accompanied by his mother (Ruth de Sosa) and imperious tutor, Miss Seymour (Margaret Tyzack), Indy ends up in various unanticipated adventures with some of the most noteworthy individuals of his age. A trip to Paris finds him cavorting with young Norman Rockwell and an ultra-arrogant Pablo Picasso (who is out to prove that the style of aging Impressionist Edgar Degas is easy to forge). A stay in India lands Indy in the company of the great guru, Krishnamurti. In Russia, he feuds with Tolstoy as if the two were in a buddy movie. In Italy, Puccini puts romantic moves on Mrs. Jones, while Indy listens carefully in Vienna to definitions of love by none other than Freud, Jung and Adler. The overall effect of these handsome, feature-length stories, all shot on glorious location, is of a certain audacity--Lucas having the nerve to name-drop all over the place and situate Jones with some of the greatest achievers in world culture. But each episode is nothing less than spectacularly educational as well as entertaining. Scripts are carefully written to reflect what these famous individuals actually contributed to mankind, and to give a sense of what their personalities were like. The last three shows in Volume One find Jones at age 20 (played by Sean Patrick Flanery), now more or less on his own as he gets into various scrapes in Mexico (where he rides with Pancho Villa) and Ireland (where he meets William Butler Yeats). There is so much to glean from these stories, but even more to bask in on the sets many special features, which include multiple, exquisitely produced documentaries about the historical figures, political and artistic movements, and crucial events that play into this series. This is a great set for kids (probably beginning at the late primary school level) and adults as well, preferably to watch together.

Special Features
7 feature-length episodes
38 in-depth companion documentaries
Historical overview
Interactive game
Interactive timeline

Product details
Actors: Vanessa Redgrave, Elizabeth Hurley, Corey Carrier, George Hall, Lukas Haas
Directors: Jim O'Brien
Format: PAL, Colour
Language English
Region: Region 2 ( DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 12
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 25 Feb 2008
Run Time: 650 minutes


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The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.2 (9 Disc Box Set) £17.99amazon.co.uk/Adv…1-1
George Lucas’ The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two, The War Years continues the extraordinary narrative, historical, and production achievements found in Volume One. As with the first series, each feature-length programme (re-editing material from the original, one-hour broadcasts to smooth out the chronology of Jones’ experiences as a child and young man) resembles a theatrical experience more than episodic television. Each drama is remarkably rich in layered detail, shedding light on major events, figures, and ideas from a pivotal era in world history. Where Volume One largely focused on the early childhood of Indiana Jones as he travelled the world in the company of his parents, meeting the likes of Picasso, Tolstoy, Freud, and T.E. Lawrence, Volume Two is exclusively concerned with Jones’ experiences during World War I. This time, Jones (Sean Patrick Flanery, introduced in the final episodes of Volume One) is serving in the infantry of the Belgian army under an assumed name, eventually rising in rank from corporal to captain and becoming a spy after paying extensive, nightmarish dues on the war’s front line in Europe. The series captures some of the horror of World War I’s most infamous battles, directly inserting Jones into the thick of the action at Verdun, the Somme, the Middle East, and elsewhere. In time, Jones is repeatedly recruited to become a secret agent, going undercover in Austria to help forge a separate peace between the last Habsburg emperor and the allies, and playing a crucial part in the survival of British and Australian forces crossing a merciless desert. Along the way, Indy befriends Bolsheviks preparing for the Russian Revolution, has a romance with Mata Hari, attempts a prison break with Charles de Gaulle, and has a wonderful encounter with Albert Schweitzer. As with Volume One, this follow-up box set includes an astonishing number of excellent special features, primarily dynamic documentaries about many of the real-life people and incidents introduced in the stories. These extras provide much depth and analysis without being at all dry; a creative history teacher would do well to incorporate them (and, for that matter, the shows themselves) in a class about the 20th century.
With well-crafted stories and high-quality production values, THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG INDIANA JONES was a rarity on TV when it premiered in 1992. Focusing on adolescent (Corey Carrier) and teenage (Sean Patrick Flanery) versions of the Indian Jones character, the series follows the future archaeologist's adventures as he travels the world, rubbing shoulders with some of history's famed figures. From going on safari with Teddy Roosevelt to waxing philosophic with Leo Tolstoy, the show is gently educational as it charts young Indy intersecting, often dangerously, with historical events. Produced under the watchful eye of creator George Lucas, these feature-length episodes chronicle young Indiana getting himself in all sorts of tight situations, and feature guest stars that include Vanessa Redgrave, Max von Sydow, Anne Heche, Lukas Haas, Elizabeth Hurley, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Product details
Actors: Corey Carrier, Vanessa Redgrave, George Hall, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2 ( DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 9
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 24 Mar 2008
Run Time: 697 minutes

These have been £10 instore at borders.

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These have been £10 instore at borders.

£29 in Borders

Online yeah, but I bought all 3 volumes from my local about a week ago for £30
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