The Bank Job (another code for 19th Feb)
The Bank Job (another code for 19th Feb)

The Bank Job (another code for 19th Feb)

Another SeeFilmFirst (Empire Magazine) code for The Bank Job.
Screenings at Vue Cinemas on Tuesday 19th February at 6.30pm.

Visit seefilmfirst.com and use code 124250

Vue, Bolton
Vue, Basingstoke
Vue, Bristol, Longwell Green
Vue, Cambridge
Vue, Cardiff
Vue, Cheshire Oaks
Vue, Fulham Road
Vue, Livingston
Vue, Leicester
Vue, Northampton
Vue, Norwich
Vue, Oxford
Vue, Plymouth
Vue, Portsmouth
Vue, Reading
Vue, Romford
Vue, Scunthorpe
Vue, Sheffield
Vue, Shepherds Bush
Vue, Staines
Vue, Swansea
Vue, Thurrock
Vue, Thanet
Vue, York
Vue, Newcastle Under Lyme


Thanks for posting, but Cheshire oaks already full, added heat.

Voted hot, but no screening in Birmingham. Keen to see this film so hopefully more codes out soon or heaven forbid I'll have to pay to go to the cinema :roll:

Plymouth full again, but thank you any way.

Cheers, managed to get a couple of tickets for Portsmouth.

seen it tonight. brill film

I know this is a really random thing to ask.. BUT i got free tickets to see the bank job in Newcastle Upon Tyne tomorrow. I got the tickets on the 3rd of Feb. But only just realised that the cinema that is listed is now a University campus and i dont know where to go.

Has anyone else got the same problem in Newcastle Upon Tyne???

if anyone knows y, can u msg me? cos im new at this.. n dont really understand it all just yet lol
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