The Batman: Season 1 (2 Discs) (Animated) @ £2.99 + quidco

The Batman: Season 1 (2 Discs) (Animated) @ £2.99 + quidco

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New Look, New Direction, New Knight - Go Behind the Scenes to Explore the Development of The Batman Series
Building The Batman - Detective Ellen Yin Investigates The Batman's True Identity
Gotham PD Case Files: Highly Confidential - Profile of The Batman's Most Dastardly Foes
The Batman Junior Detective Challenge - Show Off Your Detecting Skills and Unlock a Exclusive Feature Via The Batwave Communicator
The Batman Junior Detective Exam - Level 2 - Pass The Batman's Test of Knowledge to Win a Code to Unlock a Printable Gotham Detective Badge
Challenge - The Batman Big Chill Challenge

Hidden in the shadows, The Batman casts a protective eye while tracking the thugs, thieves and criminal masterminds that claim Gotham City's dark alleys each night. In one magnificent swoop, he descends upon opponents and battles with a fierceness that seems almost inhuman. This is the young Bruce Wayne who assumes the role of Gotham's greatest defender in a fresh retelling of the Dark Knight's beginnings.

With incredible gadgets, awesome animation and a cool new vibe, these 13 exciting episodes from the hit series showcase The Batman tacking on your favourite villains - The Joker, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Bane - and new crazies you'll love to hate! Soar through The Batman's first season of vigilante justice!


Hot from me. Great series

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why are there cold votes?

Hot from me. Gets better with each season ...but not as good as the original version

Excellent show. I.... sorry the kids love it. Bargain Price.
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