The Battle Of Britain (2 Discs) - £3.99 delivered

The Battle Of Britain (2 Discs) - £3.99 delivered

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Found 29th Jan 2007
The Battle Of Britain 2 disc set is just £3.99 delivered from A good price cheapest i see elsewhere is £8!

Details: In the summer of 1940, 2936 pilots took part in an historic battle against the German Luftwaffe. The pilots became known as 'The Few': 544 of them lost their lives, many killed in action and others never heard of again, officially listed as missing in action.

This double disc DVD set contains interviews with the RAF airmen who took part in the conflict, unseen footage from the 1969 'Battle Of Britain' feature film as well as CGI demonstrations and re-enactments.

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[SIZE=1]Special Features[/SIZE]

[*]Documentary on the 'Sea Hurricane'
[*]Picture gallery and a background to 'The Battle Of Britain'
[*]Scene selection[/LIST]
The Battle of Britain was a prelude to a German invasion of Great Britain, which had to be abandoned because of the dedication, courage and tenacity shown by the pilots.
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