The BBC Natural History Collection [Blu-ray] £35.97 @ Amazon
The BBC Natural History Collection [Blu-ray] £35.97 @ Amazon

The BBC Natural History Collection [Blu-ray] £35.97 @ Amazon

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Saves you a little if you were to buy them all separately. Great documentaries, but I've already have Wild China and South Pacific (both are just brilliant). I'm after Human Planet on Blu-Ray next, if anyone sees a good deal on that, could you post it on here please?

This collection contains:


1. The Great Melt - Deals with the annual Arctic land and sea melt, highlights the life and death struggle of the polar bear, arctic foxes, beluga whales and narwhals who are also featured in the 10 minute diaries which follow the episode.

2. The Great Summer Run - Showing the Pacific salmons journey to their spawning site; also featuring grizzly bears and wolves in the beautiful setting of the Alaskan mountains. Diaries feature the grizzly bears.

3. The Great Migration - Follows a pride of lions surviving on the Serengeti and the mass annual migration of wildebeest and zebra

4. The Great Tide - Sardine migration along the East coast of Africa, along with gannets, dolphins, sharks and whales

5. The Great Flood - The flooding of the Kalahari plains from the Okavango Delta transforming it into lush wetlands; buffalo, elephants, hippos, dragonflies, lions and wading birds

6. - The Great Feast - The British Columbia and Alaskan plankton explosion; featuring killer whales, humpback whales, sea-lions and dolphins


1. Ocean of Islands - Featuring the entire world population of Royal penguins, sea-lions, fabulous robber crabs, flesh eating caterpillars. Also shows indigenous cultures of some of the islands and provides a salutory lesson in the way of the history of Easter Island.

2. Castaways - Fruit bats, saltwater crocodiles, groupers, grey reef sharks and how they have managed to colonise many of these islands.

3. Endless Blue - Manta rays, tiger sharks, squid, dolphins and sea birds as well as highlighting the perils of human survival and dependence on the sea.

4. Ocean of Volcanoes - Underwater volcanoes, lagoons and reef; giant clams, crabs, fish, jellyfish, sharks.

5. Strange Islands - How species have evolved on these islands, exploiting enviromental and ecological gaps. Birds, bats, kangaroos, monkey tailed skinks and the story of the collapse of human civilisation here.

6. Fragile Paradise - The effects of climate change, overfishing and over exploitating resources.


1. Born of Fire - Volcanoes, lava fields and the wildlife that exists around it

2. Islands that changed the world - How Darwins theory of evolution was formed from his observations of life on the Galapagos; finches, hawks, cactus.

3. Forces of Change - How life has evolved on the Galapagos; giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas


1. Heart of the Dragon - Southern China's paddy fields and lakes, home to a variety of birds, freshwater turtles, alligators and bats

2. Shangri-La - The Hengduan Mountains, the amazing plant life, monkeys, gibbons, elephants and bats.

3. Tibet - Snow leopards, Tibetan bear, Tibetan fox, snakes, insects as well as an overview of the relationship between Tibetan Buddhists and their natural enviroment.

4. Beyond the Great Wall - Nomadic tribes, Siberian tigers, the Gobi desert

5. Land of the Panda - An interesting look at the relationship between people and wildlife both positive and negative impacts are evident; Giant Pandas, Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys, Chinese alligators.

6. Tides of Change - The Chinese coastline, whale sharks, birdlife, dolphins and how animals and humans co-exist.


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