The Beatles - Mono Box Set (Digitally Remastered) CD - £129.95 @ Zavvi

The Beatles - Mono Box Set (Digitally Remastered) CD - £129.95 @ Zavvi

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Found 28th Nov 2011
Most of the Beatles albums were originally recorded in simple but effective mono sound. The “Mono Box Set” celebrates this but also includes tracks that were only ever recorded in stereo such as “If I Needed Someone”, “Drive My Car” and “Love Me Do”. There are also previously unreleased tracks recorded in mono as part of the “Yellow Submarine” project such as “Hey Bulldog” and “All Together Now”. The first 4 albums from the Beatles were released in mono sound, but following albums were not, so this is a real treat for any Beatles fan! The albums come perfectly packed in vinyl replica casing.
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Save £129.95 and wire both speaker out puts into the one speaker. Sorry but all these Digitally Remastered, how can we take more money from the fans, editions annoy me.
Am I reading this right?

It's a real treat to get the albums in mono rather than stereo?!

I love marketing people, they can make you believe anything...

I have a TV that will be a real treat to any video gamers.
You play your 360 or ps3 in 4:3, standard definition, and on a 14 inch screen. £120 anyone?
Beatles = Overrated. How many times can they release the same crap over and over again?!?!??!!!?
Can't stop myself from commenting on this...
Whilst I agree that industry cash-ins are a pain in the @r5e, I've got to point out that listening to these albums in mono really is the best way. At the time they were originally released mono was the industry standard, and as such these mixes are where all the time and effort was spent. The band often didn't even bother to listen to the stereo mixes - George Martin did them after everyone else had gone home.
There is also the fact that the 'takes' used in the mono and stereo mixes are different in a surprising number of cases - the most famous probably being Helter Skelter which is about 20 seconds shorter in the mono mix.
Yes it's expensive - and yes most people won't be interested - but in this case the mono box set is most definitely a treat for die hard fans.
There's a whole industry out there thinking
of ways to extract more money from the
Beatles fans. What a waste of money.
The mono box set sold a lot quicker than the stereo one. If your a fan and want the best sound quality you can thus is it. Heat.
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