The Beatles Rock Band (Wii)  delivered from Amazon £14.99

The Beatles Rock Band (Wii) delivered from Amazon £14.99

Found 10th Nov 2009
Requires a drum, microphone or guitar controller to play
Rock Band instruments sold separately
Click here for Rock Band: The Beatles tracklist (requires Adobe Reader)
The Music That Rocked The World: For the first time ever, play along with 45 legendary Beatles songs on the game-disc including: I Saw Her Standing There, I Want To Hold Your Hand, I Feel Fine, Taxman, Day Tripper, Back In The USSR, I Am The Walrus, Octopus's Garden, Here Comes The Sun, and Get Back.
Dreamscapes & Abbey Road: Highlighting the years in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles revolutionised modern recording and created amazing masterpieces are inspired artistic visual expressions known as Dreamscapes.
Never Before Released In-Studio Audio Chatter: Audio clips featuring conversation from The Beatles' recording sessions, some of which have never before been heard, bookend the gameplay experience.
Experiential Journey: Take an interactive journey through the legacy and evolution of The Beatles' legendary career from the renowned venues to the clothing and instruments made famous by The Fab Four.
Venues: Progress through five seminal venues in which The Beatles performed during their careers including: The Cavern Club, the set of the Ed Sullivan Show, Budokan, Shea Stadium and the rooftop of Apple Records.
Cut Scenes: Get whisked away through history as a montage of photos, audio and iconic Beatles moments transport you from historical venue to historical venue though the rapidly evolving look and sound of The Fab Four.
Three-Part Harmony: For the first time ever, master the amazing three-part vocal harmonies perfected by The Beatles.
Imagine All The People: Play with up to six bandmates... three mics for vocal harmonies, guitar, bass and drums!

looks like a good game


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for some reason I couldnt load the image up the top.

Same price at HMV & Play


Same price at HMV & Play

And Gamestation & Gameplay.

Hi! i bought this, its a good deal!
but i need help and I cant get a straight answer anywhere!
we have the wii...what do i need to buy for this, would only be two people playing it at once.. or 2 if you add my 5 year old, haha

Do i buy the band in a box? a guitar hero band set? what do i buy to play this?? i dont understand! its gone right over me head! can someone please help me in dummy language what i need to buy! haha, thank you!!!

You have bought what they call the "solus" edition which means it is the game disc only without any peripheral instruments. This is intended for people who already have instruments from another Rock Band (or whatever) game. You can either buy the peripherals separately or send yours back and get this one instead:…wii

In any case, just having the solus on its own is of no use to you at all.

thank you, will add rep for helping! i did know the game was useless alone... i knew i would buy the bits after... but now its come to it.. i dont know whats best to get..

should i get a guitar and mic... just for mess about...
or should i get the whole band? that sort of thing? thank you

If I were you I would return the solus and get the whole band set that I mentioned above. Gotta have drums and you will have endless fun when you have friends round (after a few beers of course)

is the kit above... essentially the band in a box and game in one? is there any difference? sorry and thanks for all your help!


is the kit above... essentially the band in a box and game in one? is … is the kit above... essentially the band in a box and game in one? is there any difference? sorry and thanks for all your help!

Yes, everything you need is in the box (game and instruments).

thank you! i may try and hold off and find a deal with a band in a box before christmas then... mm... i doubt that will happen but you never know!
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