The Beatles - The Early Tapes Of The Beatles [CD] 49p delivered @ Choices

The Beatles - The Early Tapes Of The Beatles [CD] 49p delivered @ Choices

Found 9th Feb 2011
Gets mostly good customer reviews on Amazon, but for just 49p, wow.

Much is made of the Beatles' formative years in Hamburg during the early '60s, and rightly so--tapes of their sessions during the time are rare, and find the band at their most primitive. However, this is anything but a fault--one of the most storied aspects of the Beatles was their explosive energy, the boundless enthusiasm fostered by their first glimpse of popularity. THE EARLY TAPES finds the young Beatles reining in that energy for their first professional recording gigs, overseen by legendary bandleader Bery Kaempfert.
The Beatles were originally called upon as a backup band for crooner Tony Sheridan for these sessions; Kaempfert was taken bySheridan's cool, rockabilly-inflected voice, and the Beatles took the studio opportunity to record a few tunes themselves. Among these is a self-penned instrumental, "Cry For A Shadow", and the album's opener, "Ain't She Sweet", which features the vocal work of one John Lennon. Elsewhere, the albumdocuments other first steps for the group, including the first single, "My Bonnie", which Kaempfert credited to Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers, a name which would continue with Sheridan long after the Fab Four went on to change the world.

1 Ain't She Sweet - The Beatles
2 Cry For A Shadow - The Beatles
3 The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In) - The Beatles
4 Why - The Beatles
5 If You Love Me Baby - The Beatles
6 What'd I Say - The Beatles
7 Sweet Georgia Brown - The Beatles
8 Let's Dance - The Beatles
9 Ruby Baby - The Beatles
10 My Bonnie - The Beatles
11 Nobody's Child - The Beatles
12 Ready Teddy - The Beatles
13 Ya Ya - The Beatles
14 Kansas City - The Beatles
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how the hell do they get this delivered within 49p and make a profit?
There's something wrong somewhere as some items are showing at 1p delivered!
Only Aint She Sweet and Cry for a Shadow are properly Beatles, the rest of the tracks are backing Tony Sheridan.
One for the Beatles fanatics only, but voted hot for the stupid price.
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