The Beatles White Album (Vinyl) (Pre-order) - £21.89 Delivered @ Amazon + Nectar

The Beatles White Album (Vinyl) (Pre-order) - £21.89 Delivered @ Amazon + Nectar

Found 9th Jun 2011
Single vinyl (pre-order) Beatles albums are £18.95, but for only a few quid more, you get a double album. This is especially good value as the other double vinyl (pre-order) Beatles albums are £29.95!

Item will be released on 12th September. If the pre-order price drops before it's dispatched, you'll only have to pay the lower price. See first post for other Beatles vinyl pre-orders.


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Other Beatles Vinyl pre-orders:

£18.85A Hard Day's Night
£18.95Abbey Road
£18.85Beatles For Sale
£18.85Let It Be
£18.85Magical Mystery Tour
£18.85Please Please Me
£18.85Rubber Soul
£18.85Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
£18.85With The Beatles
£18.85Yellow Submarine

£21.89Past Masters
£21.89White Album

£29.951962 (Red Album)
£29.951967 (Blue Album)
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I bought the original vinyl, then the cassette, then forked out again for the CD. Now they expect me to pay again to go back to vinyl?

When does it come out on 78?

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hmv has Abbey Road and Yellow Submarine cheaper

They're a different issue. The Yellow Submarine Songtrack album is from 1999.and Abbey Road is from 2002. I think the one's I've linked to will be based on the 2009 Remaster issues therefore, it's not a like for like comparison. Besides, the ones I've linked aren't even out yet.

EDIT: The Yellow Submarine album I've linked previously showed the Soundtrack release, so I'm not sure what's going on there. I think it is the Soundtrack, but they've mistakenly showed the Songtrack album cover.

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"This is especially good value as the other double vinyl (pre-order) Beatles albums are £29.95"

No it just means that the other ones are an incredible rip off. On what basis can anybody even EMI justify a double album being £29.95?

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Arghhhh, slowly but surely, Amazon have been cancelling my orders and I'm down to Sgt. Pepper's. They're saying they're unable to get them from the supplier and no doubt, my order for Sgt. Pepper's will be cancelled shortly too. The good news is that I had £40 of Amazon vouchers used in my order, so I'll have that for something else.

Update: Sgt. Pepper's has been cancelled too.
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