The Beiderbecke Trilogy: 21st Anniversary Edition (5 DVDs & CD) only £11.95 (or £10.95 with voucher) @ The Hut

The Beiderbecke Trilogy: 21st Anniversary Edition (5 DVDs & CD) only £11.95 (or £10.95 with voucher) @ The Hut

Found 22nd Jan 2010
Very good price as elsewhere this is: - £15.99
Zavvi £17.85
Amazon £17.88
CD WOW! £23.99
Simply Home Entertainment £29.99
HMV £39.99

The Beiderbecke Collection is a charming mix of comedy and drama that has all the hallmarks of a classic detective thriller.

Follow the exploits of jazz fan Trevor and his long-suffering girlfriend Jill as they find themselves embroiled in various mysteries which follow them to Amsterdam and Edinburgh and include dodgy businessmen, black economies, refugees and much much more....

'The Beiderbecke Affair' (1984) - Follow the exploits of Jazz nut Trevor Chaplin (James Bolam), and his long-suffering girlfriend Jill Swinburne (Barbara Flynn). Whilst trying to track down a set of missing records they encounter a mystery platinum blonde who weaves a complex web of intrigue that soon escalates to dealing with dodgy businessmen, 'black economies' and council corruption.

'The Beiderbecke Tapes' (1987) - Feature length mystery with Trevor and Jill as they continue to embroil themselves in all sorts of clandestine meetings and intrigue. Nuclear waste in the Yorkshire Dales, sinister conversations and a missing barman take Trevor and Jill on a whirlwind mystery from the Dales to Amsterdam and Edinburgh.

'The Beiderbecke Connection' (1988) - Trevor and Jill are now parents to a baby boy, however their old pals Big Al and Little Norm prevail upon them to give sanctuary to a homeless refugee. It is not long however before they are again caught up in a complex deception of a musical kind featuring the music of jazz supremo Frank Ricotti.

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Thank you.
I loved the Beiderbecke programmes. Hot

Excellent package for the price. Quality sunday night drama.
I bought these last year for £15 and watched them all over a week - very enjoyable.

If you have fond memories of this (like I do) then you won't be disappointed !
Thoroughly enjoyed the first one, and fancied the woman, but wouldn't buy the series.
thanks for post.
Which discount code did you get to work for this, I cannot seem to get any of the listed ones to give a discount?
Now £10.95 without using vouchers
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