The Belko Experiment (Blu-Ray) £5 in Asda

The Belko Experiment (Blu-Ray) £5 in Asda

LocalFound 14th Feb 2018
Spotted in Asda Gateshead, decent price. Pretty sure it's nationwide.
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Not a bad film if you are a fan of these 'Everyone has to kill everyone else - or else!'/Battle Royale-type films.
It's also on UK Netflix Worth a watch either way.
I personally thought the film was trash. Anything you imagine about how it plays out, and the eventual truth behind the experiment, is going to be more interesting that where the film actually goes. Its just incredibly bland and never really does anything interesting with its idea, its like an undeveloped first draft of a screenplay.
If you like B horror like Death Race and Would You Rather you’re probably going to have a good time with this film. If you’re watching it because it was written by the bloke who did Guardians or your favourite film is The Pianist you’re probably going to hate it.
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