The Benchwarmers DVD (Rob Schneider, Jon Heder, David Spade) @ £2.99 - ChoicesUK

The Benchwarmers DVD (Rob Schneider, Jon Heder, David Spade) @ £2.99 - ChoicesUK

Found 21st Jan 2008
Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions--in cahoots with director Dennis Dugan (HAPPY GILMORE), stars Rob Schneider (DEUCE BIGELOW: MALE GIGOLO), Jon Heder (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE), and David Spade (TOMMY BOY)--seeks to level the eternal struggle between jocks and nerds in the raucous comedy THE BENCHWARMERS.

Schneider plays Gus, a landscaper, who, along with his newspaper deliveryman pal Clarke (Heder), comes upon a hapless group of kids being picked on by a bully baseball squad on the sandlot. When one member of the squad delivers a non-culinary 'beef stew' to one of weaklings, the two adults intervene. As he waxes nostalgic on the baseball diamond, Gus challenges the tough Little Leaguers to a scrimmage and Clarke and his other uber-nerdy and decidedly non-athletic friend Richie (Spade) are recruited--and the eponymous Benchwarmers are formed. Soon, news of the three sissy men versus the nine jocks-in-training spreads and comes to the attention of billionaire geek, Mel (Jon Lovitz). With Mel's help, a state-wide tournament is created allowing any youth baseball team the chance to knock off the Benchwarmers.

As the frenzy grows, all jocks and wimps, young and old, come out to support their side with the final verdict in this never-ending war for supremacy. THE BENCHWARMERS highlights are the antics and comedic chemistry of its leads and its engagingly juvenile sense of humour.

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Amazing Film!


Amazing Film!

are you serious

amazingly average film

if you have sky movies catch it on there first save yourself the cash
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