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The Benefit of the "Ex": Making Love Visible When Everything Changes. Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
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The Benefit of the "Ex": Making Love Visible When Everything Changes. Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon

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239° Expired
The Benefit of the "Ex": Making Love Visible When Everything Changes. Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
Posted 12th Jun 2021

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132 Pages.
Customer reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars,
32 global ratings.
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The Benefit of the Ex: Making Love Visible When Everything Changes shows you how to reap the rewards, thrive, and come into your own after ending relationships that no longer serve you—all with an unapologetic boldness where everyone somehow wins!

If you’re in a relationship where you can’t be yourself, you’re playing a role in your own life. If your most emotionally life-sustaining needs aren’t met, you’ve settled to merely exist. If you feel like each day you’re losing a piece of who you are, one day you will disappear altogether.

The Benefit of the Ex shows you how to be authentic for yourself and for the benefit of others. It awakens the sleeping spirit within you that has accepted existence as a normal way of life and reminds you to flourish and shows you how. This book directs you to build yourself back up by pulling together all of the lost pieces in order to create a stronger version of you.

Author June Dillinger has not only been bringing couples together from every background in blissful matrimony as the officiant and owner of I Do Hawaiian Weddings for over a decade, she is a Licensed Unity Teacher. Having served over 5 years, she did volunteer work as a minister in a men’s correctional facility in Honolulu Hawaii, edifying the inmates.

And yes, June has benefited from her ex, and shares candidly about how this has helped to shape her into the human being that she is today. Her wisdom and experience with people from all walks of life will inspire the core of who you are in order to be rewarded, to thrive, and to come into your authentic self.

“We were born to swim in love, drink in love, laugh and play in love. Love is the current and currency of the universe. June Dillinger explains how in times of stress and loss—like ex, for example—love is the answer. It’s love that heals our wounds, eliminates needless suffering, and gives us the happiness we need and want. June will guide you beautifully in that process.”
Greg Baer
Author Real Love

"This is a book so filled with interesting and wise observations about life events we all experience. It made me think about things I’ve been through in a totally different way, giving me perspectives about my life events which were revelatory. For the better. I started planning to read it again as soon as I finished it. Thank you, June."
Angelo Pizzo
American Screenwriter/Film Producer
Hoosiers and Rudy

“June reminds us that when we love, accept, and forgive ourselves, we are free—free to love, accept, and forgive others; free to get past our pain; free to make our love visible; and free to experience life in exciting and profound ways that we never dreamed possible.”
Dr. Kent M. Keith
Author, The Paradoxical Commandments

“Change disrupts our usual way of being and surrendering what was familiar can be a very tough situation that is extremely challenging for many of us. The Benefit of the Ex guides the reader on a journey to the love deep within and prepares the heart and mind for a greater expression of that love. Thank you, Ms. June Dillinger, for this honest, phenomenal book that shows us how to let go, and then... how to receive so much more than we ever thought was possible.”
Rickie Byars
Director of Music & Arts
Agape Int’l Spiritual Center Los Angeles, CA

“June's advice is solid. As someone who has many exes, I've learned not to blame in shame, but letting go of love is always the answer.”
Judy Carter
America's Funniest Motivational Speaker
Stress Reduction Expert/Humorist

“June clearly shows in the masterful pages that follow how your past does not have to determine who you are today, but how your thoughts today can certainly impact your new reality and destiny tomorrow. She also shows you how to love yourself in a whole and complete new way, so you can live a rich, fulfilling, and more worthwhile life.”
Dr. John Demartini
International Bestselling Author, The Values Factor

Publication Date 11.02.20
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