The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery CD - Free Full Album Download
The Best Of  Antidepressive Delivery  CD -  Free Full Album Download

The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery CD - Free Full Album Download

Not A Bad CD Either - Reviews give it 8/10
After being fed up with greedy record labels making big money from our good looks, the band has decided to release the new album for free at antidepressivedelivery.com. This will distribute the music in a better way for you, us and the environment.
If you prefer, you can buy a vinylversion of the album due to be released 20.august. Order through our site.
.The album is compressed in a ZIP-file, ripped in a quality of 320 kbps. The file is 79,5 mb. Right click and save as.. to download the album.


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Dutch Prog Rock Review Below
Tracklist: In Pine (5:43), Glasses (4:03), Lifekeeper (8:09), Goodbye (3:42), True Love (6:10), Alive (13:49)
According to their own biography, Antidepressive Delivery desires to stand in the tradition of the great progrock bands of the seventies. I would definitely agree that they do so, even though, when I played the first track, In Pine, I thought I had mistakenly just put on a Black Crowes CD. This is due to the (great) vocals on the album, in a style rarely heard in progrock.

In a recent issue of the Dutch magazine iOPages, a discussion was held about the very mediocre vocal qualities nowadays in the genre. True though it might seem in many cases, one particular set of countries seems to be exempt from this generalisation: Scandinavia. Just think about Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation), or Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder), and you will know what I mean. Antidepressive Delivery is another convincing example of the great vocal capacities in the Nordic countries.

More than that: with their third album The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery, this talented quartet adds a whole new dimension to the vocal tradition in progrock. The lead and backing vocals are all sung by the vocalist and bass player Pete Beck (who joined the band in 2006 for their well received second album Chain Of Foods). The backing choirs sound a bit like what Queen did in the seventies, while his leads are pure blues. Either way, the way Beck sings, is convincing and of an outstanding quality.

Other references that I found are Kansas, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon period) and The Beatles (Abbey Road (Because) period). Somehow, you can even hear a bit of The Rolling Stones (who ever said that the Stones and the Beatles are two separate worlds?!).

But let me say it clearly: Antidepressive Delivery is no clone of any of these bands: their sound is too unique for that. You might call their music ”progressive rock and roll”. Listening for the first time, the rock and roll part is obvious. But soon you discover that the tracks have all but a classic structure. For example, I have not discovered any chorusses in the six tracks. (Although the band sometimes repeats chords, it never repeats lyrics.) Then, you find out that the unfolding stories stand at the basis of the structure of the composition itself. Lyrics reinforce the music and vice-versa.

Once I understood this approach, I started to appreciate the music even more an learned to like the stories Beck tells you, full of the humour and irony that we know from for example Monty Pythons Flying Circus. The stories are about serious issues, but somehow they make you smile. In that sense, the name Antidepressive Delivery couldn’t be chosen better.

If you want to have an impression: try listening to the more than eight minute long monologue by "Death" itself: Lifekeeper. This track includes the finest (passionate) lead vocals and bluesy multivocal choirs, as well as an instrumental finale with Gilmourian guitars (by Christian Broholt) and Wrightian Hammonds and Moogs (by Haakon-Marius Pettersen): brilliant!

The well produced album The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery (to be sure, in spite of the title, it is not a compilation album!) is highly recommendable for nostalgics of the seventies that nevertheless want something fresh and original. Even more so because the album can be downloaded freely: the band was fed up so much with record labels that they decided to make it available on their website. Apparently they hope to earn some money with the vinyl LP they released with their own label in August 2010.
The only criticism I have is that the album (forty minutes) is so short. I hope the next one will not take four years again.
Conclusion: 8 out of 10


Downloaded it. but cant open the file

Not my up of tea but its free so have some heat on a cold day
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