The Best of Chicane 1996-2008 @ Amazon £1.84

The Best of Chicane 1996-2008 @ Amazon £1.84

Found 20th Feb 2011
There music might not appeal to everyone but £1.84 in del for 18 of there best songs is a good deal.

The legendary dance music producer Nick Bracegirdle (betterknown as Chicane) has enjoyed a fruitful career since the success of the single 'Offshore' in 1996. After this initial success, Chicane worked with such notable and disparate figures as Natasha Bedingfield ('Bruised Water'), Tom Jones ('Stoned In Love') and even indie softies Keane ('Wake Up'), allincluded on this best of collection. Always at the centre of these works is a sense of abandon and sunshine directly lifted from Ibiza, and this release will delight anyone looking to relive Chicane's heyday.

Track Listings
1. Offshore
2. Bruised Water - Chicane & Natasha Bedingfield
3. No Ordinary Morning
4. Don't Give Up - Chicane & Bryan Adams
5. Spirit - Chicane & Jewel
6. Halcyon
7. Sunstroke
8. Stoned In Love - Chicane & Tom Jones
9. Wake Up - Chicane & Keane
10. Come Tomorrow
11. Leaving Town
12. Daylight
13. From Blue To Green
14. Love On The Run - Chicane & Peter Cunnah
15. Locking Down
16. U R Always
17. Saltwater - Chicane & Maire Brennan
18. Early


no poppihola?

Poppihola was i think 2009.

Thanks for this, some one nicked my original CD at work. this is a fraction of the price I originally paid.

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Why the cold votes is £2 too much for a hits collection?

good cd

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Price has dropped even more.
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