The Best Of Dave Allen DVD £3 at Tesco
The Best Of Dave Allen DVD £3 at Tesco

The Best Of Dave Allen DVD £3 at Tesco

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The Best Of Dave Allen DVD £3 at Tesco & Amazon

When Dave Allen passed away in March 2005, we lost a true comedy great. Sitting cross-legged on a high stool, whiskey in one hand, cigarette in the other, Dave Allen's exasperated commentaries on the absurdities of modern life struck a chord with millions of fans in Britain, Ireland and Australia for over four decades. He was a compelling storyteller -- able to spin shaggy dog stories out of the almost any subject, including the missing tip of his fourth finger of his left hand, for which he provided various unlikely explanations. But his gentle, laconic wit could also give way to ferocious attacks on the media, the state and, most famously, the Catholic Church. He was a unique talent -- a comic who could make his audiences laugh, cry, and be shocked, all in one. Here he is with his personal choice of sketches, gags and monologues.



Dude was awesome


it was Dave dude Dave Allen dude not dude dude ;-D

HOT! Anyone voting this cold is an imbecile.

I bought it on the first posterisation. Well worth the 3 quid although in some small ways terribly dated - in much of the rest incredibly unaffected by time. Some people can tell a very funny story very badly. Some people can tell a fairly useless story very well, and for that we had the likes of the legendary Dave Allen.

RIP boss!

God bless you my son, I bet you and Norman will have some great fun up there. Voted a well deserved Hot from me.

How could they put the best of this mans comedy on one disk? This man produced enough material to keep us entertained for a lifetime, you could fill a hundred disks and still only be scratching the surface. Its a start though! Worth every penny, thanks.

Which bleeding Donkey expired this? YES it's been posted for Amazon previously but it clearly states Tesco AND Amazon!!!!

I've literally just ordered it from Tesco. It IS available.

Get it right numb nut!!!!

it wasnt me,

I noticed that you had put both Tesco and Amazon and just pointed members to the Amazon link

Bloody TESCO!!!!! Just got an email saying that delivery will be delayed! Wanted it for Thursday for an extra present for our kids birthday.
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