The Best Of Tommy Cooper [DVD] @ Amazon £2.99 free p&p

The Best Of Tommy Cooper [DVD] @ Amazon £2.99 free p&p

Found 7th Sep 2010
The Best Of Tommy Cooper [DVD] from the BBC £2.99


poor reviews and very short dvd... but i do love tommy cooper , total legend !

I have this dvd - avoid it. I too loved Tommy Cooper, just like that.

tommy only did one good sketch....and we all know what that one was dont we!!


... but i do love tommy cooper , total legend !

Legend, maybe, but also a reputation for amazing meanness and unpleasantness. Went off him a lot when I found that out in a BBC radio documentary. Great comic, though.

Tommy Cooper…per

Legendary meanness
John Fisher writes in Cooper's biography, "Everyone agrees that he was mean. Quite simply he was acknowledged as the tightest man in show business, with a pathological dread of reaching into his pocket."

Friends remember he would persuade strangers to buy him a drink using magician's cunning. He would stand at a bar and, when he made eye-contact with a stranger, say 'Yes?' to which the stranger would reply, "Can I get you a drink?" Cooper would reply 'What are you drinking?' to which the stranger would think he was being offered a drink, state his preference and hear Cooper rejoin, "I'll have one as well." Another stunt was to leave a taxi, slipping something into the taxi driver's pocket saying, "Have a drink on me." That something turned out to be a tea bag.

He was also known for meanness of nature. In 1964 he was opening act at the Royal Variety Performance but short of material. He asked Billy Mayo, a retired variety pro who had seen better days, for help. Mayo went off to a hardware store and bought a paraffin heater, which he presented to Cooper telling him to walk on at the beginning, put it down in front of the audience and say, "They told me to go out there and warm them up." Cooper did, and the gag received an uproarious reception. A few days later he met Mayo along with fellow performers in Soho where he received much praise for his performance but offered not a word of thanks to Mayo. At leaving time Mayo asked a favour of Cooper, "My legs are not so good at the moment. Would it be possible for your driver to drop me off at my flat?" Cooper replied by saying, "I'm not a **** taxi service."

However, Fisher reports that despite other such tales, Cooper's strengths outweighed his faults.
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