The Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1-6 (HD) £34.99 iTunes

The Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1-6 (HD) £34.99 iTunes

Found 23rd Sep 2013
Seems like a bargain to me, I've looking at buying the Big Bang Theory Season 1-6 for a few weeks and thought it was still a bit too expensive for the HD download at £52.99 via iTunes. Even though Amazon have the bluray set for £49.97.

Thought I'd have another look at ITunes today and the price has now dropped to £34.99 for the HD download of the entire 6 seasons. Seems like a bargain to me at just under 26p per episode for 135 episodes and you can watch them at home in glorious 1080p via Apple TV or on the go via iPad, MacBook or IPhone.

Hope this helps anyone who's been looking for this.

In SD download it is £29.99.
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Recently bought the first five series on DVD having only seen one episode before. Halfway through series two and can't wait to see the rest - one of the great recent comedy shows.

Looks like a good price if you're happy with a digital download.
Season 7 is starting for Big Bang Theory!
Now iOS7 makes it even easier to watch all your content over the air without downloading, this seems perfect.

They also have Horrible Histories 1-3 for just over £10
Think I'd prefer a dvd/bluray version but treat price for one of the best comedy's around
Cue canned laughter
Id always take physical copy over digital.

For £5 more it can be yours!…958

If I was desperate to put it onto digital, I would just have to spend the time ripping them.
Would be tempted if I hadn't got season 5 & 6 on Blu with the UltraViolets downloaded in the flixster app on my iPad.
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