The Big Bottom: Box Set: 7dvd: Box Set £12.99

The Big Bottom: Box Set: 7dvd: Box Set £12.99

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Found 7th Oct 2009
Rik Mayall is 'Richie' Richard Richard - He's nice in a smarmy, creepy, disgustingly oozy, oil-tongued sort of way Adrian Edmonson is Eddie Hitler- the kind of person you cross the road to avoid.

This monolith of a box set features all the live shows that messers Mayall and Edmondson have done under the guise of these two detestable characters, Richie and Eddie.

Comprises Episodes:

1. Guest House Paradiso
2. Bottom Live: The Stage Show
3. Bottom: The Big Number 2 Show
4. Best Of Bottom: Live
5. Bottom 3: Hooligan's Island
6. Bottom Live 2001: An Arse Oddity
7. Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour
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this is amazing, unfortunately I already have them all separately but cost me a bundle. Heat added :thumbsup:
Eddie, did you have the fish?

Scortching hot deal... Every adult with a sense of humour should own this.
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