The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

Found 8th Jan 2017
If you ever read fantasy when younger, and got tired of the genre , then this will rekindle your passion for the genre. For me, this is part of the new wave of gritty no holes barred adult "fantasy" like Neal Asher , Hamilton etc are to Sci-Fi. Morality is shades of grey in this, dappled with blood red :-) Great characterisation and Inquisitor Glokta will stay with you to the bitter end :-) lets hope the rest of the series get a sale too.

Update : A few of his other novels set in this universe are also 99p :…0E7…XD0…1KT
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wll give him a try thanks op

wll give him a try thanks op

You're welcome - it's a steal for 99p :-)
Good books, worth noting that if you read the other books you've linked before finishing this trilogy then there will be spoilers as they are set after it in the same universe.
I love this author, he's also very active with his community. Heat and thanks!
This guys books got me into reading fantasy, I have read every one that has been released and they are incredible. Love the universe and the characters. Can anybody recommend something as gritty as these to jump into next (seeing as I have finished these ones)?
One of my favourite Authors. I already have all his books but this is a bargain. Usually his works really hold their price.
Have never found anyone to match his style in this genre sadly. Voted hot.
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