The Blizzard: Football Magazine (Digital Download) - 1p @ The Blizzard

The Blizzard: Football Magazine (Digital Download) - 1p @ The Blizzard

Found 6th Mar 2011
The Blizzard is a new football magazine, it was created by the author of "Inverting the Pyramid", Jonathan Wilson.

Other contributors include Ian Hawkey (of the Sunday Times), Scott Murray (one-time sports editor of and Gabriele Marcotti (of seemingly everywhere).

This is what their website has to say: "Issue Zero of The Blizzard is available as a pdf download only on a pay-what-you-like basis. If you think a 190-page download of the world’s best football writing is worth a fiver, that’s what you pay.

If you’re an impoverished student needing to keep your money for cooking sherry, give us 50p. Hell, have it for a penny if you’re that skint (for the record, Paypal keep anything up to the first 20p anyway!).

We think there’s a market out there for people who want to read richer, broader, more considered and in-depth football writing – people like us – and we want to expose The Blizzard to as many people as possible so that we know that market exists. If Issue Zero shows us that it does, you can expect Issue One to come out in printed form in June."


this is a magazine (virtual) for the more educated footy fan with superb articles by marcotti, andy brassal and lots more of the worlds top footy journos talking on subjects that interest them rather than just whats in the news

superb idea and great deal

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I'm impressed with it, that's why I shared it
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