The Blue Planet (3 DVD David Attenborough Box set) - £9.80 delivered @ Sendit !
The Blue Planet (3 DVD David Attenborough Box set) - £9.80 delivered @ Sendit !

The Blue Planet (3 DVD David Attenborough Box set) - £9.80 delivered @ Sendit !

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5* reviews @ Amazon

Amazon.co.uk Review:-

An epic, eight-part series that took five years to complete, The Blue Planet firmly re-establishes the BBC as the world's pre-eminent producer of top quality nature documentaries. Exploring every aspect of marine ecosystems, from coastal marshes to deep-sea trenches and from polar waters to tropical reefs, The Blue Planet is thorough and informative, yet never less than thrilling.

Sir David Attenborough is one of the most well-respected (and well-known) personalities in the field of nature programmes and his narration is flawless as he educates and inspires without patronising his audience or anthropomorphising his subjects. Spectacular camera work (of a standard not seen since the BBC's classic Life on Earth series) captures images of a fascinating world rarely seen by human eyes--in fact, in several instances, the subjects and behaviours filmed for this series have never been witnessed before, let alone caught on camera. This is particularly apparent on the series highlight, "The Deep" (Programme 2), where film crews discovered two new species in the depths of the ocean: a grotesque fish named the Hairy Angler and a fantastic, pink octopus-like creature, which is so new that it remains unnamed (but was nicknamed "Dumbo"). Both are testament to the fact that, although oceans cover two-thirds of the Earth, we know less about them than we do the moon. It is proof that, to us land-dwellers, much of our Blue Planet is alien indeed. A handsomely illustrated companion book is also available.


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Can you also get quidco?

bought it ages ago, awesome set !

Just ordered it - great find!

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Can you also get quidco?

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There doesn't seem to be a HD version available? or aren't there any HD underwater cameras yet

FYI, the 3 Disc version is the old one, released in 2001, there's a 4 Disc version released in 2005. Not sure if there's more content or longer/higher quality versions of the episodes as the descriptions are less than clear. The 4 disc version is £14.98 on amazon, may be cheaper elsewhere.

Extra content on 4disc version... The Abyss, Amazon Abyss, Dive to Shark Volcano
These are 3 different documentary programs which are unrelated to the planet earth production.
Think I'll plump for this one, thanks OP

From Amazon review...
Disc 4 has 3 separate documentary programmes that are not really connected with David Attenborough's Blue Planet series. They are "The Abyss" that takes us down for a look at the deep sea creatures and geology (including volcanic activity) of the deepest parts of the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Bay of Monterey, "Amazon Abyss" that takes us to meet some of the extraordinary creatures that live in the deeps (and shallows) of the River Amazon, and "Dive to Shark Volcano" where we can admire the sharks around Cocos Island, 300 miles from Costa Rica.
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