The Boat That Rocked [DVD] £2.93 at Amazon & HMV

The Boat That Rocked [DVD] £2.93 at Amazon & HMV

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The Boat That Rocked [DVD] £2.93 at Amazon & HMV

Writer-turned-director Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) directs a cast comprising the cream of British acting talent—which includes Bill Nighy (Notes On A Scandal, Love Actually), Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill, Once Upon A Time In The Midlands), Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Celebrity), along with one lone American star in the shape of Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote, Doubt)--in this comedy set in Britain in 1966. With the BBC only allowing two hours of rock and roll to be played on its airwaves per week, a pirate radio station aboard a North Sea-cruising yacht broadcasts music to the pop-starved masses, turning its seafaring disc jockeys into overnight superstars.

Taking the infamous Radio Caroline as inspiration, The Boat That Rocked is an hilarious feel-good romp in the tradition of Curtis' best-loved work, and benefits from a knockout soundtrack featuring some of the most memorable tracks of the time.


A very boring film. Totally unfunny.

HMV with Quidco would have been the more handy link though.

A typical Curtis film, but a good laugh none the less


A very boring film. Totally unfunny.

Yeah totally...should be called "the boat that sucked"

Superb price and despite what others say a superb film, watched it loads of times and never found it unfunny or boring

Nice one!

One of the worst films I ever had the misfortune to see ... hyped more than Strictly Come Dancing in fact! Bah humbug! Seriously tho' .. saw this in the pictures when it came out .. thought it was going to adhere closely to the actual story of the pirate radio ships. Er About as true to life as Casualty is to .... Casualty ...


Bruce Meldrew ... I don't beleeeve it.... etc :-)

Awful film,not worth tuppence.

Good film with good 'crytic' reviews, great for the family and a great soundtrack

Meh, I liked it because of the soundtrack. The story was lacking, but the music

Absolute tosh....craptastic
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