The Book Group DVD (Series 1 & 2) £2.97 each delivered @ Amazon
The Book Group DVD (Series 1 & 2) £2.97 each delivered @ Amazon

The Book Group DVD (Series 1 & 2) £2.97 each delivered @ Amazon

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A comedy drama which revolves around a group of friends who meet at a book group with the intention of making new friends as well as reading a few books. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work out that way...

Episode 1 - On the Road
Clare's book group starts to assemble. She meets Kenny, a handsome guy in a wheelchair who wants to be a writer; Janice, the frustrated wife of a Scottish footballer; and eccentric student Barney, to whom Clare is strangely attracted...

Episode 2 - The Alchemist
Kenny has an admirer at the leisure centre where he works, but does she know he's in a wheelchair? Meanwhile, Fist decides to follow some advice from this week's book - and leave her husband...

Episode 3 - Magical Realism
Kenny is writing a book in which a beautiful woman who looks a lot like Fist shares a cabin in the hills with him. Clare is also writing a book, in which a handsome professor who looks a lot like Barney falls in love with his student, a lovely American woman not unlike Clare.

Episode 4 - Bedtime Stories
Clare discovers Barney's on drugs, and decides it's her mission in life to save him. Meanwhile, Janice sleeps with the famous thriller writer, Martin Logan, and can't wait to go to confession to tell her priest, a big fan of the author.

Episode 5 - Dark Alley
Janice is hosting the book group and having an affair with Martin Logan, the author of this week's book. Martin doesn't want to join the group so he sits upstairs. And listens...

Episode 6 - A Little More Living
Barney has died of an overdose. His brother Lachlan arrives to tell Clare - and there is an instant spark between them. Meanwhile, Kenny's literary fantasies intrigue Fist and Dirka - but can he deliver in the flesh?


Brilliant series, and great price for this laugh out loud show. Great characters, and many many cringeworthy moments. I bought it before for much more. H&R

Thanks for posting, H&R. I needed series 2.
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