The Book People Christmas Warehouse Sale

The Book People Christmas Warehouse Sale

Found 29th Nov 2007
Books for a POUND and others for a great price, save a fortune on xmas prezzies! They've increased the sale to 2days-the 8th and 9th November!

(can someone post the actual poster on here plz-from the link coz i dont how to)…htm
- jazminkennedy

Its actually on the 8th and 9th of DECEMBER
- jazminkennedy


erm do you mean 8th and 9th of December? otherwise we've missed it.

Have you posted this twice?

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lol! Sorry, im trying to edit it but it wont let me!:?

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My brain isnt functioning-all flued up!:-( (well thats my excuse):giggle:

yes, i did post it twice, first time round i wrote the start and end dat for November and when i went to view the post it said EXPIRED! :w00t: Then i posted it again but forget to change the date on the actual body of the post!!:whistling:

lol.... go and have a lie down, you'll feel better then. :giggle:

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lol-at least i'm laughing! Im still trying to edit it but cant seem to do anything, any ideas?

nope, not the foggiest....but I can laugh with you if that helps.

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but I can laugh with you if that helps.

so long as u'r not laughing at me!:p

Ooh thought it was for warehouse the ladies fashion store, got a bit excited lol.
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