The Book People January Sale
The Book People January Sale

The Book People January Sale

The Book People January Sale has started.
Books are from only £2!
Don't forget to use attached vouchers for free delivery and go via Quidco for 5% cashback :-D


My missus placed an order a couple of weeks ago. They took her money & then cancelled the order . Didn't bother to tell tell her though until she enquired on Friday. She then get a very helpful "nothing we can do". No books for our granddaughter for Christmas then. They actually had the front to then come out with "we hope this hasn't put you off using us in the future"! :roll:

Cowboys. :x

Voted cold.

Yes, they screwed me over too. I ordered books, they then cancelled, then sent a dispatch note saying the books were on their way. They never arrived and I still don't know if my money has been refunded. Avoid them
Voted cold

I ordered from there and was more than happy with the service and the price

I have used bookpeople for years and I've never had any problems with them. I love getting the wee magazine through the door every month, some of the book deals are excellent!

I've used 'The Book People' on many occasions & had no problem, their prices are good voted hot! Does anyone have a valid free delivery code? All those available don't work:cry:


i would not go near this company had order with the agent that comes to our workplace he was rude and arrogant. this company is to be avoided at all costs you have been warned

I have ordered with The Book People for many years and have never once experienced a problem. Their books are always brilliant value. Voted hot.

I've used them for a couple of years now too and have never had a problem. Their books are almost always cheaper than anywhere else. Thanks for the tip - Voted Hot. :santa:

I have ordered from the book people for a while now and never had any problems, always fast delivery and good prices, although I couldn't get the free delivery codes to work last week so didn't bother ordering at that point.

Surprised to hear the bad experiences other people have had with them.

We've used them for a long time and the service has always been first class. Order 5 times and you automatically get upgraded to the VIP club. This means next day delivery on everything for the cost of normal delivery (though we never pay that either as there are always free delivery codes around). I guess all companies can get things wrong - it's how they deal with it then that is the test.
We had terrible problems with Book Giant this year and they couldn't care less about helping. As a result we will never use them again.

I have often used them too, and everything was perfect!

Voted Hot.

I have used bookpeople for the past couple of years. The prices are always amazing.

Only once did I have a problem being "charged" for a free gift, but after sending them a quick email they responded to say it was known error and I was refunded with in 5 days.

I've used these several times before without any problems.
After this tip I'll probably use them again!

I have always been very very happy with them. Still enjoying the 10 hardback Asterix books for 10 quid! Voted hot

I use them all the time and if you order from them directly you don't deal with an agent and also collect book points so can get a freebie. Brilliant for books for my DD. Voted hot

I bought from them with a discount found on this site. it all went through then i noticed on my bank statment they had over charged me. when i contacted them a snotty woman told me to return the book if i was not happy with them. so i will not go near them again
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