The Book People. Spring Sale. Some Great Books And Great Prices. Free Delivery Code Available. Quidco @ 5% SALE STILL ON AND NEW TITLES ADDED.
The Book People. Spring Sale. Some Great Books And Great Prices. Free Delivery Code  Available. Quidco @ 5% SALE STILL ON AND NEW TITLES ADDED.

The Book People. Spring Sale. Some Great Books And Great Prices. Free Delivery Code Available. Quidco @ 5% SALE STILL ON AND NEW TITLES ADDED.

Loads of good deals available in the Spring Sale.
I'll list a few and Members can list their favourites in a post or add to the OP.

Direct link should open up the first page of all the sale books.
There's another direct link to a separate 16 pages of sale books on post 21.
You can also access these reduced books through the Bookend button on the left had of the landing page.

Free Delivery on orders over £15. Use the code FPP172 at the checkout.

fugjostle posted another free delivery code. Thanks. Use code 172A at the checkout for free delivery over £15

Katerinababa reckons the free delivery code 169A works on orders of any amount. Worth a try and credit and rep go to Julie !

Nightswimmer reminds me that Quidco applies at 5%. Nice one mate, thanks !!

Worth putting some of these away as future presents and Christmas gifts.


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Pirateology £6 thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This extraordinary book tells the story of Captain William Lubber, Pirate Hunter General to the Admirality, and his high seas search for the wicked Arabella Drummond and her cut throat crew of pirates. Featuring a variety of novelties and activities including a real compass, a hidden treasure map, a working sun-dial, a page of foiled, embossed doubloons, pieces of eight and much more.

Pirateology follows the enormously successful Dragonology, Egyptology and Wizardology, which have each sold over one million copies worldwide.

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The Just William Collection - 10 Books. £5 thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
There is only one Just William. This lovable trouble-maker has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting hundreds of thousands of readers for decades and now he is ready to entertain and exasperate a whole new audience. Each of these gorgeous paperback books features at least nine Just William stories... Meet the Outlaws as they set about causing chaos and the marvellous frilly-dressed Violet Elizabeth who not only expects to play fairies with William, but also expects a kiss, too!
Just William
More William
William - The Fourth
Still William
William - The Good
William Again
William - In Trouble
William - The Outlaw
William The Conqueror

Good spot, heat added.

[And a Happy Easter to you too hts. ]

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The Animal Ark Collection - 10 Books - Lucy Daniels - £5. thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Animals always come first for Mandy Hope, and at Animal Ark - her parent's busy veterinary surgery - Mandy's always making new friends. Join Mandy and her family in this best-selling series and you'll soon be meeting animals of every shape and size, from undersized piglets and pregnant cows to mischievous geese and playful puppies! Ideal for newly confident readers, Animal Ark offers full length stories featuring engaging characters and stimulating adventures.
Piglet in a Playpen
Foals in the Field
Lamb in the Laundry
Donkey on the Doorstep
Goat in the Garden
Shetland in the Shed
Calf in the Cottage
Mare in the Meadow
Goose on the Loose
Pony in the Porch

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Good spot, heat added.[And a Happy Easter to you too hts. ]

Thanks nightswimmer, have a great one yourself.

Owe you (or rather your O/H) an apology for my rather sweeping statement about American accents. :oops:
Can't remember if I've posted an explanation but in any case it wasn't an intelligent post by me, lol.
Peace and respect :thumbsup:


Although written for ages nine years and over, we're sure there'll be … Although written for ages nine years and over, we're sure there'll be plenty of adults reaching for this exciting adventure that aims to allow children to discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe. The gripping tale - interspersed with astronomical details that every reader will want to know - is illustrated throughout and, with the help of Stephen Hawking and his daughter, answers some of the biggest questions in the universe.

Would recommend this book, my 9 year old really enjoyed reading this.

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Spike Milligan - 4 Books - £3 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_

These retellings - where even the sad bits are funny - could only be the work of Spike Milligan. Irreverent, hilarious and with scant regard for the original, they make great reading. Suitable for teenagers too, providing you realise Spike was never afraid of colourful language!
Treasure Island
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Robin Hood

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Under the Harvest Moon - £1 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
The threat of a combine harvester turns the sleepy dormouse into an intrepid adventurer... Will his dancing plan save the day for all the field mice? This gorgeous picture book, featuring the magical illustrations of Maggie Kneen, is brought vividly to life by the special embossing on every page.



Owe you (or rather your O/H) an apology for my rather sweeping statement … Owe you (or rather your O/H) an apology for my rather sweeping statement about American accents. :oops:

No apology or explanation necessary - you didn't say anything wrong or offensive. But thanks for the thought.

Peace and respect :thumbsup:

Amen! And books

Oh, and cashback! You can get 5% through Quidco on orders from The Book People. :thumbsup:

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New Europe - Michael Palin - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Until the early 1990s, when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, travelling behind the iron curtain was never easy. In undertaking his new journey through Eastern Europe, breathing in its rich history, filming its exquisite sights and talking to its diverse peoples, Michael fills what has been a void in his own experience and that of very many of his own generation. As in all his series, Palin's New Europe takes the form of a journey through countries which have rich and complex cultures. Few have survived intact, as the ebb and flow of warring armies has continually changed the map of Europe. Starting in the mountains of Slovenia he travels down through Croatia and the former Yugoslavia to Albania before turning northwards to embrace Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, The Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, the former East Germany, Poland, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad (as Konigsberg originally home to the Teutonic Knights), Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, opening up a new and undiscovered world to millions of viewers and readers.

NOTE: There is an extra promotion running on Celebrity Books where you can buy 2 and get a third free !!


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No apology or explanation necessary - you didn't say anything wrong or … No apology or explanation necessary - you didn't say anything wrong or offensive. But thanks for the thought. :)Amen! And books ;)Oh, and cashback! You can get 5% through Quidco on orders from The Book Club. :thumbsup:

Nice one, forgot them , I'll add it to the OP, thanks nightswimmer :thumbsup:

"Worth putting some of these away as future presents and Christmas gifts."
Exactly right! Just order a few!
A definate hot vote!!:-D
Although the code is stated as invalid?!

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China Revealed: Portrait of the Rising Dragon - £8 - Reduced from £35 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
You might well recognise Basil Pao's work from his long collaboration with Michael Palin. Here the brilliant photographer takes an extraordinary journey through one of the most powerful and captivating nations on earth. Travelling through every province and recording the history, landscape, people and places, Pao has produced a visually stunning record and a comprehensive snapshot of China today.


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How to Find Flower Faries - Cicely Mary Barker - £5 - Reduced from £17.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Peer into the Flower Fairies enchanted world and discover secrets of their homes and habitats in this wonderful, luxurious pop-up gift book

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I Am, Therefore I Think ? - £3 - Reduced from £12.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Everyone confronts philosophical issues, so why shouldn't everyone have access to a philosopher? In this wise, witty, and jargon-free book, forty philosophers from universities around the world answer real readers' most difficult questions. With wit and wisdom, they address dilemmas and queries on every subject, from the afterlife to war and they even address the question, "why can't philosophers agree?"

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Life of Pi - Yann Martel - £7 - Reduced from £25 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
After the tragic sinking of a cargo ship, a solitary lifeboat remains. The only survivors are a 16-year-old boy named Pi, a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, a female orang-utan and a 450lb tiger. Yann Martel's Man Booker Prize-winning novel, Life of Pi, became an international bestseller. This new illustrated edition will captivate a whole new audience and is the perfect gift for the millions of readers who already love this modern classic.

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Peter Rabbits Lucky Escape - Beatrix Potter - £5 - Reduced from £14.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Beatrix Potter's delightful tales and much-loved characters continue to delight children and their parents. This spectacular gift book brings the world of Peter Rabbit to life through a variety of ephemera including newspapers, letters, miniature books and a spectacular pop-up spread.

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An Inconvenient Truth (Kids Edition) - Al Gore - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…rm=
Specially adapted for teenagers, Al Gore's acclaimed bestseller does a great job of presenting the facts on all aspects of global warming in a direct and compelling way.
Well worth getting for any youngster to read and take in. Only our children and our children's children ill be able to help solve the problems of Global Warming.

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[SIZE="4"][CENTER]Three books for the price of two on selected celebrity books[/CENTER][/SIZE].

The Peel Sessions - Ken Garner - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This fascinating book looks at John Peel's extraordinary contribution to this country's musical landscape. During a span of 35 years over 2,000 bands made the journey to Peel's BBC studio to record sessions for his radio show. For some it was the start of an illustrious career, for others it was the only recognition their music ever got. With a full listing of songs and band members this is a must for all music fans.
Lewis Hamilton: New Kid on the Grid - Ian Stafford - £5 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This is the definitive record of a talented but little known driver's elevation to the highest level of motor racing in one dramatic and eventful Formula 1 season. Given the chance to drive one of the best cars of 2007 Hamilton surpassed all expectations when he was leading the drivers' championship after just 6 races. In the end the championship went down the wire to the last race and, despite the result, Hamilton has secured a golden future.
England, Our England - Alan Titchmarsh - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This is an anthology and miscellany of everything an Englishman should know: from Austen to Wordsworth; Jerusalem to the Scout's Honour; Kings and Queens of England to Land of Hope and Glory; Savile Row tailors to Jermyn St Shirt Makers; tying a Windsor knot to making a pot of tea; Victoria sponge to fish pie; and, the rules of cricket to Gilbert and Sullivan operas.
Survivor - Sharon Osbourne - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
In her award-winning bestseller Extreme, Sharon Osbourne revealed the truth about her life in her famously frank and gutsy way. In her new autobiography Survivor she goes even deeper - revealing the secrets and heartbreak behind the headlines, along with the love and humour that have pulled her through. From the recent sad loss of her father, to her experiences as a judge on number 1 hit shows The X Factor and America's Got Talent, to the further jaw-dropping adventures and dramas in the Osbourne family, Sharon tells it like it really is - with wit, honesty and style. Set to be a huge bestseller, Survivor is as astonishing, big-hearted and fascinating as Mrs O herself...

Born Survivor - Bear Grylls - £5 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Bear Grylls is no stranger to extremes. During a three-year stint in the SAS he was involved in a horrific parachuting accident in Africa and broke his back in three places. Months of rehabilitation followed but, never losing sight of his childhood dream of climbing Everest, Bear went on to become the youngest Briton ever to reach the summit and survive. It was a close-run thing, however, as during the descent he was almost killed in a crevasse, his life saved only by his team-mate and a rope. In 2003, Bear completed another world-record-breaking expedition, leading his team through freezing spray and icebergs across the North Atlantic Ocean in a small inflatable boat. More drama followed as Bear, a karate black belt, set out to show the viewers of Channel 4 what it is really like to complete the gruelling basic training of the Foreign Legion. Now, in Stranded which accompanies a brand new eight-part series for Channel 4, the world's ultimate survivor shows us how to stay alive in the most unforgiving conditions on Earth. From crossing piranha-infested rivers and finding fresh food to building bush fires and fighting off grizzly bears - all manner of survival techniques from our most dangerous environments are covered. So, whether you find yourself stranded on a desert island in the Pacific, lost in the Lake District, or stuck in the snow on Greenland, once you've read this book, you too will be able to beat the elements and survive the wild.

More titles on this page: thebookpeople.co.uk/web…051

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Just found this Bookend section as well with another 16 pages of reduced books !! Should be able to find a filler or 2 in this section if you need to get the order up for free delivery.
This site is a little goldmine for cheap books, love 'em !!

Free delivery???Code 169A worked for me this morning. Spend £13.00.
Although I don't think there is a min spend on this one. Previously posted here on HUKD, but said it was expired.



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Free delivery???Code 169A worked for me this morning. Spend … Free delivery???Code 169A worked for me this morning. Spend £13.00.Although I don't think there is a min spend on this one. Previously posted here on HUKD, but said it was expired.HTHJulie

Nice one Julie, I had assumed it was no longer usable, Repped and I'll add it to the first post.

Welcome to HUKD by the way. Have fun and put a good padlock on the purse !!


Free delivery???Code 169A worked for me this morning. Spend … Free delivery???Code 169A worked for me this morning. Spend £13.00.Although I don't think there is a min spend on this one. Previously posted here on HUKD, but said it was expired.HTHJulie

I only spent £11 and managed to get the code to go through. Top Marks

Just tried FPP172 on a £4.99 order and it worked!

169a Code Worked For Me Too. Spent 13.00, But I'm Sure I've Already Used It, So I Don't Think There's A Limit On Its Use.
Some Lovely Kids Books On There.

169A worked for me too. The code isn't recognised if you use "169a" by the way; it has to be upper case. I got 4 small Spike Milligan books for £3. I don't get his humour at all, but my gran just went into hospital and she loves him so it should work out ok. For £3 you can't go wrong!

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This one looks an excellent buy as well, especially for those long car trips, bound to send the little ones to sleep !

Beatrix Potter Audio Books - 23 CDs in a Tin - £16.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ook
Beautifully packaged in a handy zipped tin, parents and children alike will love these enchanting recordings as they reacquaint themselves with the classic tales that have delighted children for over 100 years.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The Tailor of Gloucester
The Tale of Two Bad Mice
The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher
Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes
Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit
The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse
The Tale of Little Pig Robinson
The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes
The Story of Miss Moppet
The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
The Tale of Pigling Bland
The Tale of Tom Kitten
The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
The Tale of Samuel Whiskers
The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan
The Tale of Mr Tod
The Tale of Jemma Puddle Duck
The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse

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A few more super bargains (imo):
Canal Dreams - Iain Banks - £1.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
One of the best Authors of modern times. Always a good read . Loved Bank's stuff since reading The Wasp Factory many moons ago. There are more Iain Bank's books available at reduced prices on the site, just do a search.

Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. And so she travels to … Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. And so she travels to Europe as a passenger on a tanker bound through the Panama Canal. But Panama is a country whose politics are as volatile as the local freedom fighters. When Hisako's ship is captured, it is not long before the atmosphere is as flammable as an oxy-acetylene torch, and the tension as sharp as the spike on her cello. Canal Dreams is a novel of deceptive simplicity and dark, original power: stark psychological insights mesh with vividly realised scenarios in an ominous projection of global realpolitik. The result is yet another major landmark in the quite remarkable career of an outstanding modern novelist


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Cinderella - Phillida Gili - £2 - rrp £12.99 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_

Always love pop up and interactive books for youger children as it gets their attention more. Only problem is keeping the pop ups and flaps in a working order but at £2 it's not so much of an issue !

Phillida Gili brings the beauty and the romance of this classic fairy tale to young readers in this glorious novelty book. Complete with ugly sisters, pumpkin carriages and charming princes as well as a multitude of flaps, pull tabs and pop-ups, this delightful book will give hours of playtime pleasure this winter.

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No Nettles Required - Ken Thompson - £2 - rrp £10 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Looks like a great book to help attract and encourage all the wonderful wildlife we desperately need in our gardens. Good time to be buyng the book with the coming of Spring and subsequent planting time.

While many of us are interested in attracting wildlife to our gardens, a lack of understanding prevents us from giving it a go. Ken Thompson shows how encouraging wildlife is entirely compatible with ordinary gardening, costs next to nothing and is almost completely effortless. Packed with helpful hints and tips, this book shows us how easy it is to fill our gardens with everything from foxes to frogs and thousands of fascinating insects.

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Anyone off to Disney World and Florida this year may be interested in this guide book. There are other D.K Eyewitness Travel Guides available on the site for the same discounted price.

Eyewitness Travel Guides: Florida - Dorling Kindersley - £4 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This is the guides that shows you what others only tell you! It features a 'Discovering' section, which describes each region and its highlights, to ensure you make the most of your trip. With clear maps, extensive hotel and restaurant listings at all price levels, its unique 3D models and cutaway maps guide you from one fun filled destination to another, so you can get the most out of your trip to the Sunshine State.

If you are planning a holiday or a short break and need to know where to stay, what to eat and how to get around then look no further! Fully revised and featuring an exciting new design, the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides show you what the others guides only tell you and are bursting with inside information on local customs, transport, language, food, festivals, bars, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, beaches and shopping. Photographs, illustrations, floor plans of key sights and 3D maps together with walks, scenic routes and thematic tours make these award winning guides indispensable to travellers and holiday makers on all budgets.

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The Positively Pooh Collection - 6 Books - A.A. Milne & E.H. Shepard - £3 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
A Book for Bothersome Days
A Book for Students of All Ages
A Coffee Companion for Any Time of Day
A Book for Expotitions and New Adventures
A Book for Your Inner Bear
A Book of Happy Thoughts
These adorable little books are full of wise words from Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends and each pocket-sized volume will deliver a generous helping of useful advice, wise words or heartwarming help to see you through the most bothersome of days.

Size: 10.0cm x 10.0cm. No. of pages: 60. Format: Hardback

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Rainforest - Thomas Marent - £5 - RRP was £25 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
This awe-inspiring collection of over 500 amazing photographs will open your eyes to the wonders of life under the canopy. The result of nature photographer, Thomas Marent's 16-year journey across five continents, Rainforest celebrates the fascinating behaviour and incredible variety of rainforest animals and plants - from resourceful leaf-cutter ants to the multi-hued clouds of butterflies and birds that flutter high in the tree tops. Incredibly, more is known about our universe than the millions of plant and animal species that teem inside these great hothouses of life. Rainforest takes you inside this mysterious realm, with breathtaking photographs and absorbing personal insight. It has been published in association with the Rainforest Foundation, who receive a donation for every copy sold.

Size: 30.8cm x 25.8cm
Publisher: Penguin Group
No. of pages: 360
Format: Hardback

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The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes - £4 - rrp £20 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Product code: FPS Size: 25.0cm x 18.5cm Publisher: Harper Collins
No. of pages: 1108 Format: Hardback

Got to be worth a dabble at this price ! 1108 pages of spells and stuff has got to be fun !

Authoritative and comprehensive, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells … Authoritative and comprehensive, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells is an essential point of reference for anyone who is interested in folklore, mythology, or magic. A treasure trove of spells and rituals rooted in magical and spiritual traditions from all over the world, this ultimate guide to the magical arts includes spells for love, luck, success, spiritual peace, health and many more.

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Encyclopedia of Homeopathy - Dr Andrew Lockie - £4 - rrp £20 -thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Product code: EHM Size: 27.6cm x 21.6cm Publisher: Penguin Group
No. of pages: 336 Format: Hardback

This one should be quite popular as Homeopathy is becoming more and more mainstream. Great price for a Dorling Kindersley Hardback !
The Encyclopedia of Homeopathy provides essential reading for anyone wishing to explore the healing properties of this unique system of medicine. Featuring beautifully illustrated profiles of hundreds of remedies and their healing and medicinal properties as well as a comrehensive explanation of the key theories and methods of practice, this newly revised guide is comprehensive, practical and easy to follow. A practical family guide, it includes self-help remedies for common ailments such as colic in babies, PMT, insomnia, asthma and sciatica. With over 320 homeopathic remedies, best-selling homeopathy author Dr Andrew Lockie shows how to improve your family's health.

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My First Book of Garden Birds - Mike Unwin & Sarah Whittley - £1 - thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Product code: FBR Size: 21.0cm x 21.0cm Publisher: A & C Black
No. of pages: 48 Format: Hardback Age range: 6 to 12

Spring coming up so a good book to get out in the garden with. Kids will love trying to match the birds in the garden with the ones in the book and all sorts of games can be made up.
The book carries the RSPB logo so hopefully will be of good quality.

Official blurb states:
Gardens are homes to all kinds of birds, from busy blue tits to squabbling starlings and cheeky chaffinches. But how do you tell them apart? With captivating illustrations and lively text, My First Book of Garden Birds introduces young children to twenty common British garden birds in a fun question-and-answer format.

Bargain at £1

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Earth: A Visitor's Guide - Ian Harrison - £4 - rrp £16.99 thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Product code: EBV Size: 23.5cm x 19.5cm Publisher: Penguin Group
No. of pages: 360 Format: Hardback Age range: 12 +

Where do you start with this amazing book? As difficult as it is to put down, the book is packed with visual trivia. It explores urban myths, famous phobias, popular fallacies and extraordinary endurance events. It has odd creatures doing very strange things. It is packed with everything you ever needed to know about Earth - and plenty you don't - and is absolutely ideal for dipping into and browsing through.

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Kylie - The Showgirl Princess - Kylie Minogue - £2 - RRP £12.99 thebookpeople.co.uk/web…ry_
Product code: KYL Size: 26.0cm x 21.0cm Publisher: Penguin Group
No. of pages: 32 Format: Hardback Age range: 5 +

This lavish and magical picture book sees Kylie Minogue become a Showgirl Princess - with a little help from her friends, of course! This gorgeous photomontage book features exclusive new photos of Kylie teamed with enchanting illustrations and bring to life Kylie's very first book for children. It's pure fabulousness all the way!
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