The Boys: Vol.1 graphic novel £2.99 @Play.com
The Boys: Vol.1 graphic novel £2.99 @Play.com

The Boys: Vol.1 graphic novel £2.99 @Play.com

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From the dark and twisted mind of "Garth Ennis", co-creator of "Preacher" and "Hitman", and the savage pencil of Darick Robertson, artist of "Transmetropolitan", comes a series that will change the way you look at superheroes forever! Meet Billy Butcher. He's not a nice man, and neither are his team: the Frenchman, Mother's Milk, and the Female. They hate superheroes... and so do the CIA - at least enough to recruit Billy's team to keep the world's self-appointed saviours in line. But Billy wants five in his team, and Wee Hughie - who's just seen his girlfriend turned into collateral damage in a super-brawl - is just what he needs. But is joining 'The Boys' what Hughie needs? Or is he entering hell itself?


Original Poster

This is a great read, well worth 3 quid. Can't recommend it enough.

ditto. an amazing price too - the price of an individual issue of this collected work!

Flicked through this in a bookstore and as a fan of Garth Ennis, I wasn't that impressed.

That said..you should give these things a chance!


Ordered at that price - havent read a graphic novel in a long time... 144 pages for £2.99 - think I can stretch to that

Original Poster

I'll add this is fairly adult content. Not a great idea for a young 'un.

Hot! Ordered. X)

Looks like its gone back up to £4.99 shame ive after this and at that price is a steal
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