The Brittas Empire complete boxset 1-7 £17.99 delivered @

The Brittas Empire complete boxset 1-7 £17.99 delivered @

Found 29th Sep 2010Made hot 29th Sep 2010
here's some information lovingly ctrl c and v-ed

I liked it as a kid, it's probably rubbish now, but who cares, retro clean entertainment.

apparently was £69.99, cheapest is at £24 delivered
The entire classic comedy series in which Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is the manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. He means well and desperately wants to be a good manager. Unfortunately his best talent is to continually create recipes for total disaster. Deep down Brittas cares for his staff, but all he ever seems to do is to make their lives more difficult. Trying to rise above this, and to keep the Centre running smoothly, is his assistant Laura (Julia St. John) and of course Colin, complete with boil! Behind every good man, so the saying goes, is a good woman, and behind every maniac, is a good woman losing her sanity! Helen Brittas (Pippa Haywood) is no different as she struggles to cope with her husband's misplaced enthusiasm.
Special Features

Brittas Fitness Quiz , Royal Variety Performance 1996 , Brittas Management Quiz , Star Profile , Good Morning Interview , Christmas Special 1994 and 1996 , Brittas Empire Series 4 Outtakes , Web Link , Stills Gallery
Product Details

Region 2
Running Time: 999 minutes
Main Language: English


Impressive price. I personally found it to be a bit dry, but I love Chris Barrie.

Great price

I liked this and never seen all of them but i think it would be a watch once then gather dust, Hot price though

nice price for an entire series but by god I hated this show so much

They just don't make them like they used too....Heat Added

Research suggests that people who like this have no soul.


Loved this

Me too! And it got better as it went along.Top-drawer farce at its best. Personally I thought it was better than Fawlty Towers (I realise I may be in the minority on this one...)

Good show, and I think the Gordon Brittas character should be revived and put in a new job - local government, shopping mall etc. The possibilities are endless.

Not rubbish - interviewed Chris Barrie recently who remembers this programme with fondness. There was rumoured to be a one-off reunion special, but so far it isn't happening.

This is the basis of management where I work - makes a good training DVD.oO


cex exchange value £18

I am going to buy 1000 copies and make a quick £10 profit at CexX)


I am going to buy 1000 copies and make a quick £10 profit at CexX)

this cracked me up


I am going to buy 1000 copies and make a quick £10 profit at CexX)

Hate to rain on your parade, but you know you'd get an £18000 voucher, right?:p
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