The Brittas Empire - Series 1 - 7 Box Set -  £22.07 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

The Brittas Empire - Series 1 - 7 Box Set - £22.07 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

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In this classic TV sitcom, Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is the manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. He means well, wants to do well and desperately wants to be a good manager. Unfortunately his best talent is to continually create recipes for total disaster But Deep down Brittas cares for his staff, but all he ever seems to do is to make their lives more difficult. Trying to rise above this, and to keep the Centre running smoothly, are his assistant Laura (Julia St. John) and of course Colin, complete with boil! Behind every good man, so the saying goes, is a good woman, and behind every maniac, is a good woman losing her sanity! Helen Brittas (Pippa Haywood) is no different as she struggles to cope with her husband's misplaced enthusiasm.

This set features in entirety the 7 series that comprise The Brittas Empire.


Great price for such an awesome show. It hasn't aged either, still absolutely brilliant.

I agree One of my favourite shows! I paid a lot more than this years ago and I still watch them, classic BBC comedy at a bargain basement price.

Loved this show, he was so annoying.

good price
problems problems everywhere problems

H/R find...bought via QuidCo compatible supplied 15% voucher...AND...8% QuidCo which SHOULD track according to terms...if not still a top bargain...Thanks OP !

Julie St John is a hotty, didn't rate the series, only watched it for her lol...have some heat :w00t:

Think Chris Barrie is great, but could never get away with this show.
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