The 'Burbs (DVD) only £1.49 @

The 'Burbs (DVD) only £1.49 @

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Found 27th Nov 2011
Fab film and proper good price

Tom Hanks portrays suburbanite Ray Peterson, whose plans for a peaceful vacation are disturbed by a creepy new family on the block, in this outrageous suspense-comedy directed by Joe Dante.

To the disappointment of his wife Carol (Carrie Fisher), Ray decides to spend a relaxing week at home, and soon gets into trouble with his neighbours - a hefty busybody (Rick Ducommun), a freaked-out ex-soldier (Bruce Dern), and a spacey teenager (Corey Feldman) - as they observe the strange happenings next door at the Klopek's bizarre residence.

When the neighbourhood grouch suddenly disappears, the men are convinced the ramshackle house hides some hideous clues. Armed with assault rifles, high-powered binoculars and a shovel, they decide to see for themselves exactly what is going on in the Klopek place. Set in an average neighbourhood that is anything but average, The 'Burbs blends slapstick comedy and spine-thrilling mystery with the type of witty humour that has made Tom Hanks one of today's most popular stars.
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COLD, its on TV Right now for free...................

( I didnt vote btw )
I'm watching it on T.V. now too, but a great price so have some heat. Classic!
I can hear it on the TV now "Its Walter!!!!!!" Good price, but Im hoping for a decent Blu-ray at some point

It might be on TV now 'for free' but they usually cut out the scene which shows a clip from The Exorcist, which the DVD includes.

Also the Region 1 version has an alternate ending (but would of course cost you a lot more).
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its recording now cost me 10p for the disc
Hot - watching on tv now - the bodies are in the basement - or are. They..........?????
"Don't worry electricity is my friend"
fab film
thankyou heat from me
Watched it Sunday on tv.... awesome film

the pedo fro L.A Noire is in this!!

its recording now cost me 10p for the disc

Download to hard drive, freely available throughout the home network via DLNA. Cost = £0.00.
"You know, I don't ever remember seeing a removal van outside"

"I don't understand, it was parked outside ALL DAYYYYYYY!!!!!"
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I love this film. Great dialogue and very funny. 'Hey Mrs Rumsfield! No tan lines this morning'. 'That kid is a meatball'
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