The Business / The Transporter / Be Cool (DVD) for £3.49 @

The Business / The Transporter / Be Cool (DVD) for £3.49 @

Found 29th Nov 2011
The Business/The Transporter/Be Cool (DVD) for £3.49 @

Seems a decent price for 3 films - John Travolta , Danny Dyer & Jason Statham


In THE BUSINESS, a young man becomes involved in organised crime in Spain in the 1980s.

In BE COOL, Chili Palmer is a smooth-talking loan shark turned successful movie producer. But he's tired of the film industry, and so he sets his sights on the music business, teaming up with music producer Edie, the widow of a recently murdered colleague. Seeing great potential in an up-and-coming singer named Linda Moon, Chili makes it his goal to rescue the young talent from her sleazy manager Raji, and make her a star. But it doesn't take long for Chili to realise that in the music industry, not everybody plays by the rules. In

THE TRANSPORTER, Former Special Forces officer Frank Martin takes on a career as a courier for the criminal underworld. He is hired to deliver a package to a wealthy man known only as Wall Street, but Martin soon realises that what ever is in the package is alive. He breaks all the rules by opening the parcel and discovers a beautiful young Asian woman.
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3 great films, great price
Be warned this has to be one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with.
AWAITING AN ORDER? then you may as well forget it. The excuse I got for an order placed over 2 wks ago was they were having tech problems processing payments & were trying to deal with a backlog. I found out on a forum that someone placed an order a week after mine had received their order ok. When I queried this with Bee I was told they were processing new orders straight away & that my item had now gone out of stock!
Having done some googling it looks like this company mess up orders all the time, don't dispatch quickly despite their website stating they do & sell items as new but in fact are repackaged 2nd hand goods.
I don't know how they can get away with this shoddy service???
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