The Children - BluRay £3.47 @ Tesco Entertainment plus Quidco

The Children - BluRay £3.47 @ Tesco Entertainment plus Quidco

Found 22nd Sep 2010
Nearest rival £6.99, Asda £7.43

THE CHILDREN deftly combines the unsettling realism of low-budget 1970's British horror, with the visceral savagery and shocks of the glossy updated genre. Working with the tried and tested theme of 'mummy's darling turned evil hellspawn' that made VILLIAGE OF THE DAMED and THE OMEN such chilling classics, writer/director Tom Shankland's film exploits the modern SUPERNANNY generation, indulgently obsessed with child behaviour. The story takes place at Christmas time, with two middle-class families gathered together to share in the festivities. But the peace doesn't last, as slowly their children succumb to a strange illness and start to bring death and destruction to the people who gave them life.


That was quick, did they only have one copy in. Oh well better than another tesco cancelled order.

It's been out of stock for ages, the op should of looked before they posted it.

Original Poster

"Should of" looked?
Did, and purchased.


"Should of" looked? Did, and purchased.

They had stuff in stock before and cancelled a lot of it as a part of the sale.


"Should of" looked? Did, and purchased.

I will ring them in the morning then as they cancelled mine. and when I asked they said they will not be getting anymore.

This is a really freaky film,its an english made film and the cast stars Hannah Tointon,who played Katy Fox in hollyoaks..she is also Kara tointon's sister (Dawn Swann in Eastenders)
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