The Club Xbox 360 & PS3 £9.99 @ Comet

The Club Xbox 360 & PS3 £9.99 @ Comet

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The Club Xbox 360 & PS3 £9.99

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not the best game ever, but gamespot seems to just about like it, even though it has its issues.

at £10 you cant go wrong?

Well worth it for £10 - I played the PS3 version pretty solidly for a couple of weeks when it was released. Good fun game (in a violent kind of way), nothing more or less.

If in doubt try the demo.

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great game i paid £20 for this

Yeah i tried the demo, put me off the game totally... what a poo game. Anyway still voted hot for the price.

This is one of my favorite games.

Its one of those games either you absolutely love, or you will play once and put it down.

It depends on the type of gamer you are, but saying that Stuntman is one of my favorite games too, as was Super Mario Kart which I spent hours/days/weeks trying to shave off one tenth of a second on each time trial you can see if The Club is for you or not.

Voted very hot indeed.

wow my store actually has it but i didnt like the demo so i think ill pass

cheers, reserved for durham store, will pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning, not bad for a tenner, is this a 2 player game?

normally would say you cant go wrong for a tenner, but having played the demo, I know you can! Thanks for posting though OP.

Yeah, it's basically trial and error having to shoot exactly where and when the game wants you. Presentation is nice though.

I played the demo, it was an OK game but at £10 it's a bargain.

just so people know, this is still £15 instore, as i went in with my reservation and paid £10 but they had it at £15 for others. so if you want it, then make a reservation first.
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