The Co-operative Raspberries 200g £2 & BOGOF - £2 for 400g Raspberries

The Co-operative Raspberries 200g £2 & BOGOF - £2 for 400g Raspberries

Found 29th Jul 2010
The Co-op are doing a 200g punnet of raspberries for £2 at the moment - but they also have them on BOGOF - so £2 for 400g raspberries.

& BOGOF - Works Out £1 for 200g !


Thank you! I love raspberries! I'll buy some when I'm out later.

3 quite large punnets for £1 in Newcastle's Grainger Market.
But then they also have bags of grapes for 30p, punnets of cherries for 50p and 8Nectarines for £1.
So maybe one cannot expect those kind of prices everywhere!

Ive been eating these all week when it's been 3 for £5... i'm a bit addicted.

blueberries £1 in asda for 250g at moment, loads better

£4.50 a kilo at my local market. COLD!

But perhaps they're unco-operative raspberries?

£1 for 200g at Morrisons I think

9p in Asda today

400 grams for £1 in Lidl

pretty rubbish it's £1 a punnet in Asda & Tesco


£4.50 a kilo at my local market. COLD!

bet they won't look as good!

We buy a lot of our fruit and veg from a shop that comes to our village a couple of times a week. Cosmetically, they're not the best because they get snapped up by M&S etc. However, everything is far better value and tastes just as good. My wife picked 3 pineapples for a pound on wednesday...Bargain!

No BOGOF deal at our Co-op. They were just half price, with the option of 3 punnets for £5.

They weren't doing it BOGOF in Glasgow city centre either, same as Stompa. Though 99p in good ole Lidl. Love raspberries.
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