The Complete Adventures Of Dogtanian [9 DVD] = £8.99 @ Amazon  (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

The Complete Adventures Of Dogtanian [9 DVD] = £8.99 @ Amazon (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

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Brings back memories this and can't believe you get all 52 episodes for under £9... mad.
Series 1 is £11 on it's own. Seems Zavvi is next cheapest at £12.

The classic series that broke audience records when it was broadcast from the CBBC Broom Cupboard in 1985 comes to DVD in one complete set for the very first time!

In the heady days of Louis XIII s France lives Dogtanian and three courageous Muskehounds Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Pledged to a life of adventure, they are mavericks, fighting for justice despite their sometimes unorthodox methods. Chivalry, honour and companionship are all upheld as they battle against the forces of evil, legendary swordsmanship helping them escape danger in the nick of time....

This is exciting story of a loyal, young, courageous pup and three debonair Muskehounds, fighting for honour and justice against the powerful Richelieu. They are a law unto themselves but forever faithfully follow their motto, One For All & All For One.

Special Features:
Character Biographies, Character Fact Files, Theme Tune Lyrics, An Exclusive Episode Of King Arthur And The Square Knights Of The Round Table , Sing-A-Long Karaoke Of Original Theme Tune, Desktop Wallpaper, Bonus Episode Of Around The World With Willy Fog and the Dogtanian Special TV Movie



"One for all and all for one!"
I have to have this!
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At last I can watch with the kids and actually enjoy what's on

Loved series 1 but thought the second series wasn't very good. I paid £10 for each years and years ago so this is a great price.

Would love to watch these again and that's a great price.

I had just started going out with my wife of 30+ years when we used to watch these on a Saturday morning

This is a classic, brings back great memories as a kid

Horrendous deal, DON'T FALL FOR IT!

You will have the theme tune stuck in your head for YEARS! I STILL have nightmares about it! Oh God, no, no... It's coming back to me... One for all and all for one, Muskahounds are always ready...! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

(voted hot )

Good grief! Was this only two seasons long? It felt like it went on for a million years! Honestly, I really thought this was something that was on every week for years and never seemed to end. Just two seasons! That's amazing.

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I thought it went on forever too... Same with Bagpuss; as a kid i could have swore there were more than 13 episodes.

hot deal! series 1 is brilliant.

Tempted, I only wish that if I watch this I too am transported back to my childhood sans mistakes made over the years

any subtitles?

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Awesome! Ordered and can't wait for it to arrive

It's theme tune is up here with Ducktales in terms for will have a hard time getting it out of your head

A great price for the complete set, heat added

Shocking! After all these years of thinking they were Musket-hounds I find out I was wrong. Muskehounds seems so wrong but maybe in another 25 years I'll be able to accept it.

Heat for the deal (less so for dashing my memories!)
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