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The Complete Aliens Vs Predator: Omnibus [Prey, Hunter’s Planet and War] 99p @ Forbidden Planet
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The Complete Aliens Vs Predator: Omnibus [Prey, Hunter’s Planet and War] 99p @ Forbidden Planet

Posted 7th Jul
Cracking price for three collected Alien V Predator novels. A very meaty 830 pages too.
Price shown is indore price but you can have delivered for just £1.
Contains three classic, previously published Alien vs Predator novels: Prey, Hunter’s Planet and War.
Machiko Noguchi accepted the supervision of the ranching colony of Ryushi as a challenge. Little did she know that she would defend it with her life. For the entire unarmed human settlement lies smack between two varieties of monster, one spider-like, one human-like, but infinitely stronger. Monsters who will simply never stop.
On Hunter's Planet, populated by genetically engineered creatures of all kinds, it seems that Predators have begun to seed Aliens. This is bad, real bad, for business, which is why Machiko Noguchi is sent in to confront the Predators she once considered friends. The only way for her to win is to take control of the most deadly planet in known space.
Machiko Noguchi is an outcast being tracked by the Predators who used to be her hunting band. Jess, Lara, and Ellis are the remnants of a bug-hunting team that wiped out an infestation in a Company space station. All four humans must join a desperate fight on the swamp planet Bunda, where fearsome Predators are at war with a ferocious colony of aliens.
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Ordered thanks OP great price heat added
Good spot - many thanks
Great find, ordered a couple
Sold out. Gutted, I loved reading these when I was a kid.
OOS.Was going to order.great collection
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