The Complete Far Side (Hardcover) book set by Gary Larson - only £38.77

The Complete Far Side (Hardcover) book set by Gary Larson - only £38.77

Found 5th Sep 2006
Excellent price on this - I've just ordered one myself! Can't stop buying things!

This is the complete collection of The Far Side by Gary Larson, in a lovely hardback edition boxset. It's £38.77 from amazon which is an amazing price - cheapest elsewhere is £67.50 delivered!!! The Far Side is a really popular collection - my OH loves this, so it's a pressie for him - obviously not a secret one, as he'll probably read this!
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A two-volume collection features every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated, more than four thousand in all, presented in chronological order by year of publication, including more than 1,100 that have never appeared in book form.
Do you know if this includes the Gallery books that were made, I think 6 in total?

I'm scouring the websites X10, but I can't find any more of a description of it... I'm tired, I gotta get my beauty sleep... sorry i can't help this time
Hey ]emmajk42,Don't worry, I didn't expect you to lose sleep for the sake of my question, you trooper!
I couldn't find any information myself either, but I would have hoped if this is everything Gary Larson has done then this should include the Gallery books too.
If you want, you could wait until I receive it and I'll tell you. I selected Super Saver Delivery thogh, so by the time I get it, it probably won't be this price any more. ??
Unless the contents is split-up in terms of content released (e.g. Sections that have Gallery 1 / Gallery 2 etc.) you wouldn't know if the cartoons are from (or include) the Gallery books unless you had one of the Gallery books to check it against.
Not to worry ]emmajk42thank you for being so helpful and your generous offer.
This would be a perfect gift for a colleague of mine.
Thanks for the rep dude :thumbsup: I'm looking forward to getting this collectionto have a read of it myself.

There's a cartoon artist called Chris Madden who does environmental cartoons - look him up on the net, they're quite funny and topical.
From Wiki:…ide
The Complete Far Side was released, which contains nearly every Far Side comic ever published. (The collection is missing parody art pieces from Wiener Dog Art and some material from The Prehistory of the Far Side.)

Also more positive evidence here…de/ they talk about selling some gallery books because they've been bought the complete books for Christmas.
:thumbsup: Thanks AMP
Oh my goodness - this weighs a metric ton :lol:
Just to let you all know, this is an absolutely beautiful set of books. The two volumes are made on really high quality paper, and look at the image below for the layout. I had a £5 amazon voucher, so I managed to get this for £32, well worth it. It even had a sticker on the packaging saying £100!

But, it's gone up in price to £46, so I'll click expired for now.
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