The Complete West Wing: Seasons 1-7 (44 Disc Box Set) @ Zavvi instore £39.99 with 20% off

The Complete West Wing: Seasons 1-7 (44 Disc Box Set) @ Zavvi instore £39.99 with 20% off

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The White House comes under scrutiny in Aaron Sorkin's politically-charged--and therefore controversial--drama THE WEST WING. The series follows the life and times of President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen), who's constantly immersed in scandal and impossible decisions. Mirroring real-world events--such as the Monica Lewinsky affair, George W. Bush's 2000 election, the September 11 attacks, and global terrorism--the show's unique ability to tap into the viewer's social conscience, while serving up top notch entertainment, remains unparalleled. Despite its overtly liberal stance, President Bartlet possesses virtues even a conservative could admire. It's this political dichotomy that gives the show its edge. Support comes from Rob Lowe, Stockard Channing, and Moira Kelly, who each turn in stellar performances. This release includes all seven series of THE WEST WING.

With Zavvi 20% in store offer this comes in at around £10 lower than anywhere else.


I bought these at £15-20 each. Superb drama.

An essential purchase at this price. HOT!

Srunning price for a stunning series. Paid £15 per only a couple of years ago. [COLOR=red]Heat[/COLOR] added.

Good find!

I saw this in HMV for £49.99 earlier today, and i tought that was a good price!

heat ahoy

Got it for Christmas - something like 150 hours of superb political drama, plus lots of extras. Highly recommended!

Just to clarify, there are none of these box sets in the Croydon branch as I was in there yesterday to pick this very thing up.

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Probably worth checking your local store - there were 4 or 5 sets at Castle Point Bournemouth yesterday when I picked mine up.

voted hot

That's a staggering price. Blisteringly hot.

None of the big sets left in the Reading Zavvi either (West Wing, Laurel and Hardy, Friends etc) , I went in yesterday to pick up a West Wing set but left empty handed


went to brum and nothing left. I reckon they pulled them off the shelf or sumat.

Before xmas their windows were full of them.

No surprise why they are going bust, selling dvds full price then giving 20% off and think people will fall for that :os

unfortunately no West Wing left in Aberdeen today, but they did have only 3 or 4 Friends box sets left, and still had some Laurel and Hardy, Dad's Army and Only Fools and Horses aswell!

Mega hot deal - however there were none in Sheffield Fargate or Meadowhall on Sunday afternoon. If anyone's missed out, is £48.47 for the complete series!

Just picked up a copy at Zavvi LiverpoolOne. They've got loads of them stacked-up...which actually made me wonder whether to wait until the percentage discount goes up again (if it does). Decided to go for it though.

Picked one up in the Crewe store yesterday, they still had quite a few left!

Still got lots of these in Liverpool One store:thumbsup:

No '24 boxsets' (seasons 1-6) because I got the last 2 :oops:
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