The Complete West Wing - Seasons 1-7 Box Set (44 Discs) - £49.99 @ HMV

The Complete West Wing - Seasons 1-7 Box Set (44 Discs) - £49.99 @ HMV


Brilliant show, worth every penny.

Serenity Now;6198628

Brilliant show, worth every penny.

+1 :-D

Been this price at HMV for ages, hasn't it?? Well anyway I got mine there yonks ago - still a great price for a great series. Recommended.

been this price for ages - yes - but it is such a great set i would vote very hot! - bought ours 2 weeks ago - we had never watched an episode before then - and we are hooked! - proper story lines, no swearing or vulgarity - go buy it! - hot hot hot!!!

I am going for this . I have never watched the show before although I have seen small video clips on the internet and like the fact that it is different from every other tv show. I think the fact that it gets five star reviews means that it should be a good purchase. I have seen this at 50 pounds before but it was quite a while ago.

Heat added many thanks

The old HDUK staple...

Thanks for posting this.

It was at this price £49.99 in HMV stores seemingly but was £59.99 online.

I was waiting for the online price drop :roll:

Great deal and purchased, never seen the show before but if the reviews are anything to go by, the show seems excellent.

Seen every episode of this after a marathon viewing session couple of years ago, well worth buying, easily up there with the wire as one of best ever TV drama's.

Just need Sorkin to get his **** in gear and make something else now.

This is a brilliant series but it's been this price for forever in HMV!

Would like to have bought this,but have just stopped watching the complete series on More 4 every Saturday night from what seems like the beginning of time,112 odd hours I was happy to use up.
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