The Conduit - Nintendo Wii - £8.93 delivered at The Hut
The Conduit - Nintendo Wii -  £8.93 delivered at The Hut

The Conduit - Nintendo Wii - £8.93 delivered at The Hut

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After a full-scale alien attack on Washington D.C., suspicions arise as to the involvement of the U.S. government. Armed with sci-fi gadgets and high-powered weapons, players will battle aliens, rouge agents and enemy forces as a former secret service agent code-named "Mr. Ford." Built exclusively for Wii, The Conduit pushes the boundaries of the platform from incredible award-winning graphics to robust controls that are fully customisable. This action-packed, first-person shooter from the creators at High Voltage Software also supports the Wii Speak peripheral.


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whats this game like?

Generic tat


whats this game like?

It's good for a Wii shooter. Smacks a bit of Halo with it's bio weapons, I found it quite tricky compared to other shooters too especially with floating invisible bombs everywhere.

Worth £9, certainly.


whats this game like?

I remember this was quite hotly anticipated by a lot of Wii owners at pre-order stage but then was poorly reviewed when it came out. It's not BAD actually, just not good (if you know what I mean!)


whats this game like?

It's supposed to be pretty good, although I havn't played it myself.

It's a futuristic First Person Shooter in the vain of Halo etc (please no "Halo is miles better" comments - I am speaking in approximate terms!). I think it was an attempt to offer something a bit more mature and current-gen-like to Wii gamers, and judging from reviews it appears to have done a decent job.

I'd snap it up if I had a Wii, but I don't. I guess there lies the problem with this game - a lot of people who are into this kind of game probably went down the PS360 route (again, no "my PSWii60 is better" comments please!).

I have put an order in and am excited to give it a go. Read the reviews when it came out and though it wasnt everything the gaming press had hyped it up to - it did recieve a majority of good reviews. And the multiplayer is supposed to be good....

I just love my shooters and fancy it so as with all games, you gotta give it a go.... and 8 quid is nothing to sniff at seeing as my local gamestation still have it at 34.99

Only got a wii in the new year but am actually falling head over heels in love with it, still go back to the 360 and PC but the wii does have this pull.... especially zelda



whats this game like?


For a wii game this is good. For a game in general this is the ugly adopted child whom everyone hates but needs to acknowledge. This would have been better done with more money thrown at the devs on the 360 or the ps3 or both. Heck even the pc.

AEC007: whats this game like?

its not the best fps on the wii, control system is not the best, i.e. you cant do a 360 turn with the nunchuck you have to use the control pad on the remote.

Enjoyed it myself and that was at £15

Each to their own I suppose

It's got a decent but dated feeling single player campain, but it's defintley worth £9.

Online is good if you play with a bunch of friends, but public matches are full of hackers nowadays. If you're buying this for the online go for Modern Warfare Reflex instead.

I paid £30 for this when it came out. I was disappointed after all the hype, but for £8 I think it's a good deal. Decent single player romp through Washington DC. You also get the concept art booklet too.

Its OK-ish for the money, I'd say buy it, play it for a few weeks (or days if you get bored of the endless scooby-doo like corridors) and then flog it to CEX for £7.

On that basis its good value.

Multiplayer is tiresome with enemies bouncing around all over the place (unless the servers are empty now).

This game is meant to push the wii to its limits but its visually weaker than black on the ps2 and theres about 15 fps games on the original xbox that massacre it like Halo and Half Life 2. The wii control scheme adds something but I'd rather play the original Half life on ps2 or dreamcast than this. I'm not saying its terrible as its playable but only barely. The enemy a.i. is basic, they seem to lack proper animation sometimes and there is not much in the way of variation like vehicles. It totally lacks ambition.

The major problem with this game is it's generic sci fi styling and lack of any kind of originality.
The control scheme is completely customisable and it's pretty accurate throwing grenades with the wiimote. On a technically level the graphics are excellent, but they are just so generic and boring. The multiplayer feels old fashioned compared to MW2, but personally I found this refreshingly different.
Good enough for £9, especially if you only have a Wii where fps games aren't as common as those on the PS3, 360 etc.
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