The Conduit Wii £7.49 @ Tesco (with code - £9 without)

The Conduit Wii £7.49 @ Tesco (with code - £9 without)

Found 14th Jul 2010
The Conduit Wii £7.49 @ Tesco (with code - £9 without)

Its £9.99 at Play & £17.95 @ Zavvi - you get £1.50 off at Tesco with the 15% off code - FTSL15-1 if you have used the code before you can use a different email address and use it again,

SEGA sets out to prove the Wii is capable of the same high production values as its more powerful console rivals in this science fiction shooter.

Wii has proven a huge success the world over, and although Nintendo’s fanbase couldn’t be bigger, its catalogue rarely caters towards the mature games fan. With science fiction shooter The Conduit, SEGA hopes to prove the Wii can match the slick controls and mature concepts other systems on the market offer. In the near future, Washington D.C. has been shaken to its core by an alien invasion of beings known as the Drudge. As a former Secret Service agent players must fight through hordes of the alien race to find the reasons behind their invasion.

Joining an elite collection of Wii games that successfully handle first-person shooters, The Conduit uses the Wii Remote and nunchuk attachment to give players responsive motion controls that provide far more precision than simple analogue controls allow. Players are also able to jump online and compete against others in a series of multiplayer modes.

The Conduit helps prove the Wii is more than capable of providing mature games fans the kind of visceral, adult content that can be enjoyed on more powerful formats.

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