The Core/ Deep Impact Dvd Boxset £2.88@Amazon

The Core/ Deep Impact Dvd Boxset £[email protected]

Found 31st Dec 2009
The end is nigh, if you believe this double bill of disaster films. In THE CORE, a leading geophysicist has discovered that the Earth's core has stopped rotating and, if nothing is done, within a number of months we'll all be blown to kingdom come. Mankind's only hope rests with a small but fearless team of astronauts who journey to the centre of the planet to jump-start the Earth's fiery core. It's a plan so over-the-top ambitious and so fraught with danger... it just might work! The Earth's fate is equally uncertain in DEEP IMPACT, as a reporter discovers while investigating what appears to be a congressman's affair with a woman named Elle. It turns out that the name is actually code for something far more disturbing; a comet hurtling towards Earth...


£2.85 @ ]Zavvi

+ quidco at zavvi, your all cheapskates, the lot of you , ha ha :thumbsup:
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