The Cottage Another Free screening
The Cottage Another Free screening

The Cottage Another Free screening

Thanks to Daisey-Duke over on MSE for this heads up

The Cottage
A chance to see this film before it opens in cinemas on 14th of March!

In the dead of night, a car arrives at a secluded country cottage. Bickering constantly, brothers David (Andy Serkis) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith) climb out to inspect the hideaway. The pair have set aside their differences for a quick moneymaking scheme - a kidnapping. Tracey (Jennifer Ellison), bound, gagged and unconscious, is locked in the trunk of the car. Her black sheep step-brother Andrew (Steven O'Donnell) is also in on the scheme. The kidnapping however goes completely wrong with Tracey turning the tables on her captors and escaping with Peter as hostage. David and Andrew follow them into the woods but they soon discover something far more terrifying is lurking in the darkness. The stage is set for a grotesquely comic battle for survival when our characters encounter a maniacal Farmer. Who will survive and what will be left of them?

The Cottage Previews at the following Showcase cinemas, Tuesday 11th of March at 7:00pm
Wood Green

To get tickets simply go to seefilmfirst.com and enter code: 206061
Hurry, tickets are limited!


nowhere near me, think the link is to showcase cinema tho.

Non near me either, shame as i would love to see this film. Think the link is wrong??

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Sorted it thanks

thanks excellent just what i needed on my bday free tickets to c movie lol

thanks for posting, voted hot but, no screenings near to me.

Thats great thanks for that! Bluewater is quite near me!:-D

Clearly there is an alarming amount of cottaging taking place in this forum!

all full in liverpool

i have 2 for bristol 6.30 pm tonight that i cant make , if anyone wants them will email the tickets just send me a pm
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