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The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine (German Version) £9.54 (+4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon

The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine (German Version) £9.54 (+4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon

Posted 5th May
NOTE: This is the German version, Cards have no text and English rules can easily be found.

Great price for this, yes it's in German but waiting for the English version to be stocked could be a while and unlikely to be any cheaper than this I'd say.

8.1 on BGG. No NBP added as no other UK stockists that I can find.

In the co-operative trick-taking game The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, the players set out as astronauts on an uncertain space adventure. What about the rumors about the unknown planet about? The eventful journey through space extends over 50 exciting missions. But this game can only be defeated by meeting common individual tasks of each player. In order to meet the varied challenges, communication is essential in the team. But this is more difficult than expected in space.

With each mission, the game becomes more difficult. After each mission, the game can be paused and continued later. During each mission, it is not the amount of tricks, but the right tricks at the right time that count.

The team wins only if every single player is successful in fulfilling their tasks.
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English rules link here
Thanks ordered

Have you got a copy, @jayhutton10 ?
solid05/05/2020 14:36

Thanks orderedHave you got a copy, @jayhutton10 ?

Not yet, family wouldn't be bothered about it. Will get one at some point though. Let me know how you get on
Will do

Looks like a good game, though
solid05/05/2020 15:14

Will doLooks like a good game, though

It's supposed to be great and one I'll no doubt get for work at some point.
Won a golden geek too
For work??

You'll have to explain that, lol
solid05/05/2020 16:25

For work??You'll have to explain that, lol

Lunchtime. Obviously not at the moment
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