The Crew Xbox 360 £35 @ Amazon

The Crew Xbox 360 £35 @ Amazon

Found 1st Dec 2014
Well it hasn't even came out yet. its an open world driving/racing game in usa in places like new york city. Comes out tomorrow.

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It a Ubisoft game and they have refused to provide review copies to anyone personally no way i would take the risk after the last few months

Played the closed Beta for this and wasn't impressed.

The 360 version looks pretty close to the Next Gen and PC Version, comparing them things are cut out but there is true off road unlike Horizon 2.…Ygg

I'm downloading the PC Version as I type.. Official Release is Tomorrow.

Loved the Beta, great customising options. Still say 360 games should be £30 or less now though

Very arcadey feel, not buying until it's about £20

So many things wrong with this game that they haven't fixed, one off the top of my head the mirrors don't work, I know it isn't much but its the smallest of detail that make a difference.
The graphics aren't very good but the map is huge, if your into games where you can drive about for hours then you'll like it.
Handling of the cars is your typical arcade game
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