The Cryptkeeper's Collection (4 Disc DVD Boxset) (Contains 6 "classic" 1950's/60's horror films) £8.85 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

The Cryptkeeper's Collection (4 Disc DVD Boxset) (Contains 6 "classic" 1950's/60's horror films) £8.85 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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Found 16th Dec 2009
Cheap horror fun in this value packed collection of old horror movies

A Bucket Of Blood: Coffee bar waiter Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) is hailed as an artist for his amazingly lifelike sculptures. Unbeknownst to his customers, his art is achieved by murdering his models and covering them in clay. Said by many to be a cult actor Dick Miller's finest hour, A Bucket of Blood is a superb semi-spoof of the dead-bodies-in-the-wax-museum genre.

The Killer Shrews: Special effects master Ray Kellogg turns director for this 1959 slice of sci-fi horror about a scientist (Baruch Lumet) who develops a serum that transforms tiny, mouse-like, insect-eating shrews into wolf-like flesh-eaters. During a storm the creatures escape from the scientist's island laboratory and go on the attack!

Carnival of Souls: Carnival of Souls has gained a strong cult reputation over recent years. Directed and produced by Harold "Herk" Harvey, it has an intriguing power, mixing ordinary people and everyday situations with the extraordinary and the supernatural. Made in Lawrence, Kansas in 1962, the film centres on Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), who apparently survives a serious car accident. Shortly after, she heads for Utah and a new job as a church organist, but is pursued by a cadaverous phantom figure played by Herk Harvey. While a lot of today's horror films rely heavily on special effects, Carnival of Souls does not. Its magic lies in its tense atmosphere, crisp photography, and frighteningly real characters.

Cauldron Of Blood: Screen legend Boris Karloff plays a blind sculptor who uses skeletons as the basis for his unorthodox works of art. Unbeknownst to him his wife Tania (Viveca Lindfors) and her lover provide the skeletons by murdering people and dumping them in an acid bath they keep in the basement laboratory.

Revenge of the Zombies: Down in the bayou, scientist John Carradine is creating a zombie army for the Nazis. His wife, played by Veda Ann Borg, has also been made into a zombie and when her relatives arrive to investigate her mysterious death, they begin to unearth the evil doings of the mad Dr. Max Heinrich von Altermann. Can they stop him before his army is unleashed on the world?

Voodoo Woman: Tom Conway plays the mad scientist determined to create the perfect human being. Using a combination of science and black voodoo he creates a new species - a cross between man and beast. When his creations will not kill upon his telepathic command he meets the murderous English and turns her into his killer monster.

James Best, Ken Curtis, Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Candace Hilligoss, Sidney Berger, Francis Feist, Herk Harvey, Boris Karloff, Viveca Linfors, Jean Pierre Aumont, Jacqui Speed, John Carradine, Maria English & Tom Conway
Roger Corman, Ray Kellogg, Herk Harvey, Edward Mann, L. Cahn & Istvan Szekely
15 years and over
1959, 1962, 1967, 1943, 1957

Zavvi doesn't provide all the info (bit odd) but having checked various other websites this is what is contained within the boxset (info taken from Play)

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