The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Blu Ray £7.95 @ DVD.CO.UK
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Blu Ray £7.95 @ DVD.CO.UK

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Blu Ray £7.95 @ DVD.CO.UK

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Great price


ow crap just paid £10 for this 2 wks ago from HMV

Cried far too much at the end = amazing movie that you dont even notice how amazing the CGI is due to the storytelling. Great price!

Good film, great story.

a boring chore of a film, i couldnt even finish it! freaks me out how he loses his virginity to a prostitute around the age of 13 aswell

nice price :thumbsup:

Its a good movie... Had to watch it in two settings though. If you like all action thrillers this probably aint for you... but it is a quality movie.

Try watching this dry.http://emulsionpaint.com/Dulux-super-enamel.jpg
Probably more exciting.

It's curious how this got such good reviews. Blatantly obvious film, and about a 3 hour running time to go with that.



Try watching this dry.Probably more exciting.

Says the person with a Bruno avatar.

This starts on Sky Premiere this Friday if anyone is interested. I enjoyed the film though probably not enough to buy it.

Amazing how this divides people so much.

I absolutely loved every minute of it's 3 hour running time.. The cinematography is incredible and the recreation of the period it's set in is mind blowing.

Definitely one for HD - the scenes on the ocean and in 1940's New York look lush.

I'm usually into fast paced action films but this one captivated me..

Gonna grab it at this price - great post.

I thought it was great but the friend i was watching the dvd with got bored and fell asleep half way through

Paid £18 for this, when it first came out. Worth every penny. Fincher hasn't made a movie, yet, that I didn't like.

I absolutely loved this at the cinema, such a wonderful film. You have to be in the mood for it, it's pretty long and can seem like it drags on at times, but it's a fantastic film if you sit through it till the end. And that's a great price on Blu-Ray, I may just have to buy that.

loved this movie, the time whizzed by

Another thumbs down from me, must have been the most tedious film that I saw last year.

I thought this was a great film, the story was creative and fresh and the effects were amazing. It also looks stunning on Blu-Ray. Highly recommended at this price.

Best film of the year in 2009 for me! :thumbsup:

PS Its on sky premiere this friday! :whistling:

Received this earlier - great service from dvd.co.uk.

Looking forward to watching it again soon. Two disc edition so has tons of extras on the production and a directors commentary so a superb purchase at this price.

Aaarghh!!!! Just went to order - it's now £12.95 ! Doh!

Expired :x
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