The Curse of Ah-Qal's Tomb - Amy Cross - Free Kindle Edition @ Amazon

The Curse of Ah-Qal's Tomb - Amy Cross - Free Kindle Edition @ Amazon

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"What is it about the temple of Ah-Qal? Why has no man ever returned with his sanity intact?"

Thousands of years ago, the great king Ah-Qal was buried with a set of stone tablets that contained priceless knowledge. Since then, many people have tried to locate his tomb in the South American jungle, but most have returned empty-handed. And the few who made it home were always driven mad beyond the point of no return.

Now a new team has discovered the tomb, and they immediately break through the stone gate and head into the pyramid. Ignoring all the warnings, they try to find the long-lost burial chamber of Ah-Qal. But as their search continues, Charley Manners and her colleagues start to realize that they might not be alone. All those years ago, what kind of evil did Ah-Qal leave behind to guard his treasures?

The Curse of Ah-Qal's Tomb - originally published as The Last Priest - is the story of a team who uncover an ancient burial site, and of a king who refuses to let his treasures pass into new hands.

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